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As professionals who manage your brand perception and reputation, integrate digital media into your arsenal to minimize costs and amplify the results.

While traditional PR is your strength, the pressure of digital media will eventually creep in. So why not use digital channels to boost your clients’ voice and expand your efforts?

With brands trying their best to create a better customer experience by using a more customer-centric approach, there’s a strong case for collaboration between digital marketing and PR teams in order to do this.

Creating coordinated campaigns that use the best that digital marketing and PR have to offer can improve reach, performance and influence. When common goals align, agencies can find new ways to market for everyone’s benefit.

Why Digital Marketing With Mediaqart

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

YoY growth in Digital Marketing

Campaigns to promote fun combinations
500 Million

Number of Internet Users in India

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Growth in PR business after integrating Digital Marketing

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Stakeholders find corporate videos a tool to decisions

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Increase in brand discovery after leveraging digital channels

How Mediaqart Helps PR Agencies

Audience Targeting
  • With one click, you can select from 4.7 million unique audience sets Learn More
  • Get pre-estimated results for your ad campaigns to make informed decisions. Learn More
  • Use the built-in content creator to select unique ad copies and headlines. Learn More
  • With a click, share campaign reports with your clients Learn More
  • Plan and schedule your ad campaigns ahead of time from a unified dashboard. Learn More
  • Analyze ad performance and make informed decisions. Learn More
How Mediaqart Works
Audience Targeting
Audience Generation

Generate optimized audiences for your digital campaigns that are most likely to engage with it. Use attributes like interests, industry, work profile, location and demographics to generate a responsive audience.

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Audience Targeting
Audience Insight

Set up expectations for your digital campaigns with pre-run estimates of audience numbers and ad metrics that correspond to different campaign objectives like awareness, consideration and intent.

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Audience Targeting
Content Creation

Build engaging content for social media using a built-in media library, text suggestions, and powerful CTAs. Get smart recommendations for content compliance and save time on ad reviews.

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Audience Targeting
Content Scheduling

Plan paid and organic content with ease and maintain an active presence across multiple digital platforms. Execute your paid and organic content marketing effortlessly from a single dashboard

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Audience Targeting
Actionable Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance with detailed reporting that breaks it down with engagement and audience sentiments. Find all reports neatly organized in a shareable format

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How Mediaqart Helps Grow Your Business

Audience Targeting

Improve Client Retention

  • Amplify your client’s reach effortlessly Select campaign audiences without a hassle freeoutli>
  • With 4.7 mn unique audience sets, work with all kinds of clients.
  • Manage multiple clients from a single dashboard Manage multiple campaigns and pages from a single dashboard
  • Create shareable reports
  • Bill clients directly and minimize downtime
  • Save servicing time and cost per client

How Mediaqart Helps PR Agencies


Views of branded video content have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook. That's the power of digital marketing and videos combined, and this trend is just on the uphill side. Improve video shares of your clients’ corporate videos and press conferences by 1,200%, incorporating digital advertising along with traditional PR methods.

Crisis Management

Manage negative press with a steady stream of positive content targeting the right audiences, which in turn will help in reaching out to great new connections and garner media attention.

Event Coverage

Promote new launches or expos to increase registrations and footfall with the assistance of digital media. With the help of audience and location selection, your event will reach out to audiences far and wide in a matter of seconds.

CSR Promotion

Showcase your client’s outreach to win positive press and goodwill from stakeholders. It can help in analyzing the organization, find the positive messages and translate those messages into positive stories which can be reached to a wider audience and maintain a positive brand goodwill in the

Brand recognition

Brand recognition

How Mediaqart Empowers Partners

Audience Targeting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Getting started guides
  • Industry specific playbook
  • Webinar
  • After Sales Support

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