Outdoor advertising is a traditionally sought after means of business promotion and awareness. But in light of rising costs, shorter attention spans and the looming risk of health emergencies, hoarding and other outdoor fixtures aren’t as effective.

With social distancing, work from home and online transactions on the verge of becoming a status quo, outdoor advertisements will draw fewer eyeballs and smaller returns. It’s now the need of the hour for these advertisers to make a move to digital.

It’s high time outdoor advertisers incorporate digital advertising into their existing business and offer their existing clients a full 360 degree advertising.The upside of this diversification is that their businesses can remain viable in a digital economy.

Why Digital Marketing With Mediaqart

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The year on year average growth of digital marketing.

Campaigns to promote fun combinations
500 Million

Internet Users in India in late 2019

Campaigns to promote fun combinations
US $191 Bn

Ad spend on digital advertising & marketing

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Of all SMEs and corporates will increase ad spend in the next quarter

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Share of OOH of total ad spend

How Mediaqart Helps PR Agencies

Audience Targeting
  • With one click, you can select from 4.7 million unique audience sets Learn More
  • Get pre-estimated results for your ad campaigns to make informed decisions. Learn More
  • Use the built-in content creator to select unique ad copies and headlines. Learn More
  • With a click, share campaign reports with your clients Learn More
  • Plan and schedule your ad campaigns ahead of time from a unified dashboard. Learn More
  • Analyze ad performance and make informed decisions. Learn More
How Mediaqart Works
Audience Targeting
Audience Generation

Generate optimized audiences for your digital campaigns that are most likely to engage with it. Use attributes like interests, industry, work profile, location and demographics to generate a responsive audience.

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Audience Targeting
Audience Insight

Set up expectations for your digital campaigns with pre-run estimates of audience numbers and ad metrics that correspond to different campaign objectives like awareness, consideration and intent.

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Audience Targeting
Content Creation

Build engaging content for social media using a built-in media library, text suggestions, and powerful CTAs. Get smart recommendations for content compliance and save time on ad reviews.

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Audience Targeting
Content Scheduling

Plan paid and organic content with ease and maintain an active presence across multiple digital platforms. Execute your paid and organic content marketing effortlessly from a single dashboard

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Audience Targeting
Actionable Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance with detailed reporting that breaks it down with engagement and audience sentiments. Find all reports neatly organized in a shareable format

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How Mediaqart Helps Grow Your Business

Audience Targeting

Digital Advertising Made Easy

  • Reach out to the relevant local audience digitally
  • Reach out to 4.7 mn audience niches with a single click
  • Manage multiple clients from a single dashboard
  • Create shareable reports
  • Bill clients directly and minimize downtime
  • Save servicing time and cost per client

How Mediaqart Helps Outdoor Agencies

Generate Repeat Business

Views of branded video The probability of selling to an existing client is 60-70%, hence digital advertising can open that sales avenue for you. In keeping in mind the recent crisis, not many people would engage in OOH advertising, hence push those clients towards digital advertising and explain to them the benefits of having an online presence.

Increase Engagement

If you are offering outdoor and digital advertising together, then you increase the chances of engagement with the customer, as you have insights to offer on particular industry and business verticals. Combine and create an effective advertising plan for all your clients.

Advertise For Any Industry

Mediaqart’s business categories segmentation is so unique and vast, that even if you want to advertise your client’s business for film industry, real estate, coaching, automobiles, FMCG companies, etc., there is an audience available for each and every business.Mediaqart’s business categories segmentation is so unique and vast, that even if you want to advertise your existing client’s business from the entertainment industry, hospitals, real estate, coaching, automobiles, FMCG companies, etc., there is an audience

Time Management

If you are into digital advertising, it leaves you ample time to build your client relations, focus on client retention and customer satisfaction. All these tasks along with campaign set-up can be handled efficiently by one single person.

How Mediaqart Empowers Partners

Audience Targeting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Getting started guides
  • Industry specific playbook
  • Webinar
  • After Sales Support

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