How can MediaQart help in promoting Schools & Colleges?

Through advanced and AI driven audience targeting, MediaQart offers economical advertising opportunities to reach customers who are genuinely interested in applying to your school/college, thus increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). You can pick a digital advertising plan that meets your campaign objectives, customize it through various parameters and achieve your desired result.


What are the occasions to use MediaQart to promote Schools & Colleges?

  • Before the start of an academic year
  • During vacations when students decide on changing or enrolling themselves in a new school/college
  • After results declaration, highlighting the success stories and students’ testimonials
  • Introducing a new course
  • Announcing scholarship programmes
  • Season’s greetings posts
  • Commencement of new batches

Select a Media Plan for School & College Advertising

Tips for Schools & Colleges digital advertising:

  • Regular and consistent advertising is the key for better results.
  • Announce the courses that are in-demand.
  • Advertise multiple courses through carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Don’t just focus on the academics. Try to bring in the element of overall development.
  • Highlight the amenities at the school or college such as the modern classrooms, football ground, amphitheatre etc. to give the parent an overview of the institution
  • Use testimonials of past students to give your communication more authenticity
  • Use images that show students in an enriching environment.
  • Try to keep the ads informative and persuasive
  • Define a relevant call-to-action