How can MediaQart help in Furniture Advertising?

Through advanced and AI driven audience targeting, MediaQart offers economical advertising opportunities to reach customers who are genuinely interested in buying furniture, thus increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). You can pick a digital advertising plan for your product line that meets your campaign objectives, customize it through various parameters and achieve your desired result.


What are the occasions to use MediaQart to promote Furniture?

  • Most people redecorate or renovate their homes before the festive season. Promoting your furniture business during this period can lead to more sales.
  • Auspicious days such as Akshaya Tritiya are reserved for the purchase of new homes. Showcasing your products during this time can lead to more business.
  • When you’ve taken your business online, advertising your e-commerce website can lead to more traffic and better sales.
  • You’ve got special offers such as free delivery and/or installation and want to raise awareness of such deals.
  • You have a collection that has seen lethargic sales and you want to clear that inventory.
  • You’ve opened a new store and want to let people know about it.
  • You’ve introduced a new collection that is in-line with the current trend and you want to push it aggressively.
  • You want to increase the fans on your Facebook page.
  • You’re a fairly new player in the market and want to build your brand.

Select a Media Plan for Furniture Advertising

6,766 - 10,633

(Est. Impressions)

41 - 64

(Est. Leads)

Website Traffic

₹ 2,500

Furniture & Furnishing

Across India

17,088 - 23,496

(Est. Impressions)

427 - 587

(Est. Clicks)

Video Promotion

₹ 5,000

Furniture & Furnishing


5,311 - 6,491

(Est. Impressions)

3,541 - 4,327

(Est. Video Views)

Tips for Furniture Advertising:

  • Regular and consistent advertising is the key for better results.
  • Use vibrant lifestyle images that look visually appealing.
  • Highlighting the product feature/utility such as its ergonomic design is a good way to advertise the product.
  • Beautifully captured product shots in a lifestyle setting invite more interest.
  • Multiple images of different products through carousel ads on Facebook give the customer a sneak peek into the range you have to offer.
  • Keep the copy minimal. Don’t clutter the design with too much text.
  • Promote aggressively during the festive period when people are more likely to buy furniture.
  • Explore different furniture designs in your ads so as to appeal to people who have different tastes. Showcase your variety in terms of products.
  • Highlight key offers such as free installation in a vibrant font or use smart mnemonics to keep the design clean.
  • Have a clear call to action.