How can MediaQart help in advertising Food products?


Through advanced and AI driven audience targeting, MediaQart offers economical advertising opportunities to reach the right audience, thus increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). You can pick a digital advertising plan for your products that meets your campaign objectives, customize it through various parameters and achieve your desired result.


What are the occasions when MediaQart can be used to promote Food products?


  • People generally stock up on their food needs such as cooking oil, grains and other staples during the weekend. Promoting your products right before the weekend can help you remain in the minds of your customers.
  • The festive period is approaching and you want to take advantage of people’s willingness to spend.
  • New products have been launched and you want your customers to try them.
  • Some products are seasonal. Such as mangoes during summer. Use this time to hammer these products and boost sales.
  • You want to build an audience on your Facebook page.

Select a Media Plan for Food Advertising


₹ 2,500



76,357 - 1,01,809

(Est. Impressions)

50,905 - 67,873

(Est. Unique Reach)

6,766 - 10,633

(Est. Impressions)

41 - 64

(Est. Leads)

Website Traffic

₹ 2,500



14,847 - 20,415

(Est. Impressions)

371 - 510

(Est. Clicks)

Tips for Advertising Food products:

  • Regular and consistent advertising is the key for better results.
  • Make the images of food the hero of your ad. You need to create a craving through your ad.
  • People are more conscious about healthy eating habits. So if you can make claims such as ‘organic ingredients’, ‘No preservatives’ and ‘No added flavour’, make sure it is highlighted in the ad.
  • Use crisp and short copy to sell the benefits of your food products.
  • Use carousel ads to give the reader an overview of all the food products you sell.
  • Cater your ads as per your audience. For instance, ready-to-cook meals can show young working professionals.
  • Don’t clutter the ad with too much text. Let the visual do the talking.
  • Have a clear call to action.