How can MediaQart help in promoting Entertainment related products?

Through advanced and AI driven audience targeting, MediaQart offers economical advertising opportunities to reach customers who are genuinely interested in your Entertainment related products, thus increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). You can pick a digital advertising plan for your product line that meets your campaign objectives, customize it through various parameters and achieve your desired result.


What are the occasions when MediaQart can be used to promote Entertainment related products?

  • Promoting the launch of your latest piece of work and creating a buzz in the market.
  • Highlighting any critical acclaim or awards your work has won and leveraging that as a means to draw a larger audience.
  • Selling tickets to a show or concert.
  • Selling physical copies of your music/play/film/documentary.
  • Promoting the sale of your work on different markets such as the Apple store and Andriod store.
  • Announcing your tour dates.
  • Selling exclusive merchandise related to your work.
  • Promoting a festive offer.
  • Increasing the page likes on your Facebook page and building an audience who like your work.

Select a Media Plan for Entertainment Advertising

Tips for promoting Entertainment related products:

  • Regular and consistent advertising is the key for better results.
  • Use stimulating visuals which give the audience an idea of what they can expect from your latest work.
  • Use copy that’s high on emotion and align the tone to match the tone of your work.
  • Communicate the key highlights of the product.
  • If your group has grown in popularity, leverage that in your communication. Your fans will listen with eager ears.
  • Give your fans a treat for their loyalty. Promote contests where participants can win experiences such as meet and greet, signed merchandise, tour tickets etc.
  • Your work defines your brand. Stick to it in your communication and keep building on the perception you’ve built in the eyes of your fans.
  • Keep the tone friendly and informal.