How can MediaQart help in promoting Fashion related products?


Through advanced and AI driven audience targeting, MediaQart offers economical advertising opportunities to reach customers who are genuinely interested in buying products related to fashion, thus increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). You can pick a digital advertising plan for fashion and accessories that meets your campaign objectives, customise it through various parameters and achieve your desired result.


What are the occasions when MediaQart can be used to promote Fashion related products?


  • Fashion trends are constantly changing. So whenever there is a new collection out, it’s a good time to push these trends. For instance, you might want to promote your summer collection just before the onset of the season.
  • If you specialise in traditional wear, promoting your business before the festive season can lead to better sales.
  • Children usually take up sports and other activities during the summer break. Promoting your active wear for children during this time will make your ad campaign more effective.
  • Promoting your tailoring business during the wedding season will bring you more business as this is when people tend to spend heavily on making tailor made clothes.
  • Inform your target audience about the range/features of your fashion products.
  • You’ve opened a new store and want to popularise it.
  • Popularise your brand for better recall 
  • Announce special offers/discounts.
  • Wishing on special days like Festivals, Women’s day, etc. to build brand awareness 
  • Introduce your brand custodians.

Select a Media Plan for Fashion Advertising

1,11,360 - 1,53,120

(Est. Impressions)

278 - 383

(Est. Engagements)

Website Traffic

₹ 2,500



10,656 - 14,652

(Est. Impressions)

266 - 366

(Est. Clicks)

2,100 - 3,300

(Est. Impressions)

119 - 187

(Est. Page Likes)

Tips for advertising Fashion related products:

  • Regular and consistent advertising is the key for better results.
  • Using models sporting your clothing line works best. It helps your audience envision what it’ll be like to wear your products.
  • Try and glorify your product. More than clothes, you are selling a lifestyle.
  • Keep the copy smart and crisp. Your tone should be like a fashion statement in itself. The reader should get an image of what it’s like to own your product.
  • If you’re catering to youngsters, using vibrant colours will work well.
  • If you’re catering to a more mature audience and deal in something like formal wear, a more classic look will suit your brand.
  • Let the visual do the talking and have a clear call to action.