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FAQs > Subscription

  • Can we run campaigns without taking a subscription?

    Unfortunately, you cannot. You need to buy a subscription plan to run ads through our platform.

  • What if I exceed my quarterly ad spend?

    If the quarterly ad spends mentioned have been exceeded for the plan you chose, there will be a variable fee as per your plan slab. Please check the variable fee slab to understand our pricing structure better, and make an informed decision based on your budget estimate.

  • Can I add additional accounts?

    You can manage and add multiple accounts for any platform at no additional costs.

  • What if I have not exhausted my subscription plan ad spend?

    It’s okay to spend less than the estimated ad spend. If you recharged the MQ wallet for the ad spend and haven’t exhausted the full amount from your wallet, you need to renew your subscription again to use the balance amount or ask for a refund. However, please note that your platform fee will not be refunded. All subscription plans are time-bound. If you do not utilize the ad spend included in your plan within the stipulated time period of your subscription, it will lapse automatically.

  • Can I switch mid-way between different plans once subscribed?

    Subscription plans are time-bound, when the quarter is over only then can you change or upgrade your plan.

  • What are the accepted modes of payment?

    We offer a variety of payment options: cards, wallets, UPI. You may choose any as per your convenience.

  • Is the money in my wallet refundable?

    Yes, the money in your wallet is refundable. You may raise a request for a refund by emailing us at support@mediaqart.com.

  • What ad platforms can I connect to Mediaqart?

    Currently, we support Google, Facebook, Instagram, Display & YouTube ad networks.

  • What happens to my campaigns and dashboard if I decide to cancel?

    We will pause them and save your information and data in case you want to reactivate your account in the near future.