FAQ - Social media management

Stay on top of organic content for your social media pages with Mediaqart’s Scheduler. You can, 

  • Plan a content calendar

  • schedule organic posts 

  • get a snapshot of your monthly posting from a single dashboard



To create a new post, click on the ‘new post’ button in the top right corner. 

  • Sync up social media page

  • Select the media format (picture or video)

  • Select images from built-in image search

  • Choose caption templates 

  • Schedule it or post it right away


In addition, the Scheduler also gives a snapshot of the month’s posting. You can also switch between any of the past months.


When you click on a post, you can see status details like 

  • the digital platform it was posted on, 

  • the time and type of posting, 

  • whether it’s posted.




Go to Scheduler and click on the post that you wish to reschedule or cancel. Click on the edit icon.

From here, you can either choose a different date and time or entirely delete the post. This can only be done so long as the post isn’t published.

Different ad platforms have different guidelines for ad creatives. If an image you upload doesn’t match the platform’s guidelines, Mediaqart will alert you right away. You will also be recommended to use the built-in editor to fix the image dimensions.


On selecting ‘yes’, you can process the image in the editor.



With headlines and other text elements, every field has the maximum number of allowed characters printed in the bottom right corner. 



However, it is recommended that you use the built-in text templates that are not only the right length but are also drafted by experienced copywriters. 

Click on ‘Timeline’ on Scheduler.

You will see a grid containing all the organic posts that you have published using Mediaqart.


On a post of your choice, click ‘boost’.

You will have to select an industry and a location that you want to target. Under ‘plan’ you will select the ad objective (promotion, website traffic or engagement), a budget and duration.


Next, review the invoice and hit ‘confirm & proceed’.


You can schedule as many organic posts in a day as you wish to.