FAQ - Scheduler

Click on the “Start advertising” button on the home page or anywhere on the website.

Select Client: If you are an agency or an entity who is running ads for your clients, you will have to select a client from the drop down menu. The client accounts are usually added by you when you set up Mediaqart for your agency.

If you are a business owner or an individual who wants to run ads for your business or self, then select “self campaign.”

Audience: Select an industry or product or service for which you want to generate a target audience.

You can go as broad as a whole industry, like automobiles, or you can go as narrow as a niche portion of it, like petrol hatchbacks. The breadth of audience selection depends on your product or service, budget, ad objective, etc.

Location: Select a location from as wide as the entire country to as narrow as a radius around your physical location. The location you pick once again is a function of your product or service, budget, ad objective, etc.

Audience profile: Here you can select the economic profile, gender and age range for your target audience. This is a way to fine tune the target audience for your ads.

Plan: This is where you select details of your ad campaigns like the platform, objectives, budget and duration of the campaign.
Mediaqart helps you run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google search, Google display, Youtube and Gmail for the following objectives
      -     Promotion

  • Video promotion

  • Page likes

  • Engagement

  • Lead generation

  • Website traffic    




Creative: Build an ad creative for you campaign. Mediaqart’s image library and built-in text templates help you make an ad creative within minutes.

You will need to sync the social media page or Google account for which you want to run an ad.


Then you can select a royalty-free image for your product or service using the embedded google image search. The text templates are custom made for industries, products and services. 


Billing: Here you can enter the billing details of your own company or that of your client, depending on who you are running the ad for and the billing policy you have adopted.


Invoice: This is the final step of the ad setup process. The invoice shows all the campaign and billing details with the breakdown of the bill. On hitting ‘Confirm & proceed’ your ad will be sent into review.

Every ad platform has it’s review process and this can take up to 48 hours. Once your ad passes the review, it will be published.

If it fails the review, your campaign dashboard will be updated. You may call the Mediaqart customer care number to find out the reason for the disapproval and how to fix it. 

No. It’s credited back to your Mediaqart wallet.


You will need two marketing properties.

- Social media pages: You should have at least a Facebook business page that is well detailed. In addition, you may also have an instagram account and a Youtube channel. The latter comes handy if you wish to run hosted youtube ads. These will allow you to run ads for lead generation, page likes, engagement, etc. on social media.

- Website: A detailed website with information on the product or service is a good-to-have marketing property. Adding a blog section and SEO-ing makes your business more discoverable. Having a website allows you to run website traffic campaigns on both social media and Google.

- Alternative to website: If you don’t have a website for your business, you may also use third party listing pages for your business on e-commerce websites or JustDial or Sulekha.

No. You will have to set up one campaign at a time even if it is for the same client. 

We have detailed breakdown of selecting audiences for every industry. Please go here to find the one that is relevant to you.


You can read about the different location targeting options here


There is a possibility that your ad can be shown to the same people multiple times. There could be various reasons that depend on

  • Audience selection

  • Location targeting

  • Budget 

  • Duration

  • Ad platform and objective


This is by no means an error and is very common in the world of digital advertising. 


But if you want to minimize this, we recommend you to stick to the auto-calculated ad budget and duration that Mediaqart suggests. 


Both these settings are part of radius targeting where you can show your ad to audiences within a specific area. This is also called hyperlocal advertising. 

Areas are usually measured in circles with radius ranging from 3 km to 10 km.


My location: In this case, the circle is measured around your physical location in which your device is connected to the Internet. Thus, if you are setting up a radius targeting campaign for a 3 km radius from a computer in your office, the area will be measured with your office as the centre. 

My address: In this case, you can select a radius around a location where you aren’t physically present. For this you will have to enter the address of that location. This comes handy when you are setting up hyperlocal ad campaigns in areas where you aren’t physically present.