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FAQs > Plans & subscription

  • Why should I take a subscription?

    Because you get added benefits and access to exclusive features/insights to run your campaigns.

  • How are my platform fees calculated?

    You can go to the Subscription page and use the ‘Calculator’ to understand the platform fee against your chosen subscription plan.

  • How do I choose a subscription plan?

    You can navigate to the ‘Pricing’ section on the homepage to choose a subscription plan.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    You can skip the subscription plan but you have to pay the campaign fee.

  • What are managed services?

    You can avail end-to-end campaign management solutions like client servicing, creative assistance, budget management and more

  • What if I exceed my committed ad spend?

    You will be charged as per the next slab of the subscription plan.

  • What if I spend less than what I commit?

    In case you spend less than your selected plan, no refund will be given. The wallet balance will be valid for a year.

  • Can I change or cancel my subscription?

    You cannot cancel your subscription plan once payment has been made.