FAQ - Plan selection

Mediaqart lets you run ads for the following objectives.


  • Promotion - This generates awareness for your product or service and helps you reach as many people as possible. 

  • Video promotion - You want to use a video to reach as many people as possible to raise awareness about your brand. 

  • Page Likes - You want to get more visibility and followers on your Facebook business page.

  • Engagement - if you want to generate activity around your ad content in the form of likes, comments and shares, use this plan.

  • Lead generation - If you want to create a list of leads for your business then this is the most suitable plan.

  • Website traffic - If you have an ecommerce site to which you want to drive traffic, then use this.

You can run ads on the following ad networks.


  1. Facebook

    1. Image ad

    2. Video ad

    3. Carousel ad


  1. Instagram

    1. Image ad

    2. Video ad

    3. Carousel ad


  1. Google search ad


  1. Gmail ad


  1. Youtube ad

    1. Skippable ad

    2. Non-skippable ad

    3. Discovery ad


  1. Google responsive ad


  1. Google lightbox ad


To learn more about each ad type, please go here: 


This is the part of Facebook that you see when you log in or open the app. On your timeline, you see updates from your friends and pages you are subscribed to, as well as different kinds of ads.


The budget you choose should depend on 

  • Audience and location targeting

  • Ad network

  • Ad objective 

  • Duration of the campaign


The way this budget is spent depends on the number of days for which you are running this campaign.


Typically, the budget is evenly distributed over the duration of the ad. An INR 5,000 budget campaign stretching over 5 days will expend INR 1,000 per day. 


Duration is critical because it determines how many times your audience sees your ad. Typically, audiences respond to your ad when they see it 5 to 7 times. So, it helps when your audiences see your ad multiple times. 


When you open the Instagram app, the cascade of posts you see is called the feed. In addition to content from the people who you follow, you also see ads.


Stories are short, time-restricted content pieces that usually appear at the top of the feed in a horizontal row. You only see stories of people you follow on Instagram. This is also where you will see ads placed between two stories. 


On the Gmail inbox, you can see the Promotions tab if you enable it in your settings. This tab is used to group together promotion and marketing emails and not have them clutter with other messages. 


This is also the place where you can show Gmail ads about your products and services to your target audience.