FAQ - Connecting fan page to Mediaqart



A business fan page is usually associated with an owner account. 


So, if you are using Mediaqart for your own business, your fan page is already associated with your personal account.


But, if you are an agency or a partner, then you will have to ask your client to make you an admin of their fan page. This is a prerequisite to setting up a fan page on Mediaqart.


On Mediaqart, there are two reasons for which you might like to connect a fan page with Mediaqart.

  • To manage social media pages. For this, you will have to Profile logo > Accounts & Settings > Social Pages

  • To run ads. For this, you will have to Profile logo > Accounts & Settings > Connected Pages for Ads



Whether you want to connect a page to run ads or manage social media, you will see this:



On clicking on the ‘Login with Facebook’, enter your facebook log-in credentials. 


However, if you are already logged into Facebook on a different tab, then Mediaqart will automatically log you in.


Next, accept all permissions while connecting your Facebook and make sure you never change any permissions. Changing permissions may interfere with some of the ad-running capabilities on Mediaqart.


Once you log in with your Facebook credentials, you will see a drop down menu. Clicking on it will reveal all fan page/s for which you are owner or admin.



If you are an agency owner or freelancer, you can seamlessly switch between client pages by simply selecting from this drop down menu.