FAQ - Campaign reports

To share a campaign report,
profile icon > My Campaign > Select a campaign > Scroll to the bottom > Print Report.

On the print dialog box, change the selection to ‘save as PDF’ and proceed. 


To share an invoice, 


Mediaqart’s analytics reporting helps you understand how your ad campaign and boosted posts performed.


To select a campaign, hover over your profile picture and click on ‘my campaigns.’ Select a campaign from the list that you wish to analyze. 



The performance report for a like campaign looks like this.



Needs to be shown with arrows.

  • Digital channels it was run on

  • Campaign objective

  • Budget

  • Industry

  • Pre-estimated results

  • Location

  • Ad duration

  • Gender demographics 

  • Impressions, reach and results achieved

  • Campaign tracker with current status


In a detailed breakdown, you get, 


Daily analysis

Location analysis


Placement analysis

Breakdown of ad results