FAQ - Account and Privacy

Yes, you can stop a campaign midway. Go to:


Profile Icon > My Campaigns > Campaign Name> Click on campaign > Status > Click on pause/stop campaign


Your campaign begins to run based on the scheduled date and time. 

However, this can be affected by the time the ad spends in the review process specific to the social media platform. 

Usually, it takes up to 48 hours for the review.


If your ad creative doesn’t match the ad guidelines of the platform, your campaign disqualifies.

You can find the status by going into My campaigns and clicking on the campaign in question.
The next step is to work on the creative per the guidelines and re-submit for review.

To share a campaign report, 
profile icon > My Campaign > Select a campaign > Scroll to the bottom > Print Report. 
On the print dialog box, change the selection to ‘save as PDF’ and proceed. 
To share an invoice, 

Head over to: My profile > My campaigns



Under here, you get to see campaign details and status - in review, running or completed.


No. You will have to set up one campaign at a time even if it is for the same client.