With uncertainty looming large over the future of the students and their careers in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic and also how it is impacting our lives, the educational sector has also witnessed the postponement of entrance exams and board exams which have literally put the student’s lives on hold.

The silver lining among the dark clouds is that the education and learning has also moved online. Schools, colleges and vocational institutes have already started study-from-home concepts and are conducting classes digitally. We can see a major influx in e-learning platforms providing multiple courses online for a fee, which can be helpful in upskilling for a job or just add new skills to enhance your resume and be open to various other opportunities.

All the research for schools, colleges and vocational training courses have moved online. Nowadays most parents and students judge an educational institute by its online presence, review and ratings. Hence, having an online presence is of utmost importance if you want to reach your audiences far and wide.

Now the internet is the most favoured way of inquiring for courses and applying online for admissions. So it's important to boost your online reputation, presence and reach out to your target audience through effective digital advertising strategies.

Digital advertising will help them connect with not only students but also parents who are the deciding factor in any career choice for their kids.

Why Digital Marketing For Fitness


of students go through the educational website for admissions related decision making


of the internet web page views comes from mobile devices


of the student population has presence on social networking


of the student engagement happens over social media for constant counselling and feedback

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How Mediaqart Helps Educational and Training Businesses

Audience Targeting
Reach Precise Audiences

As an educational institution, it is important to reach out to as many students/parents as possible and talk about the available courses and the enrollment process.

Audience Targeting
Lead Generation

Use a tailor made lead generation campaign plan to reach out target audiences who are most likely to convert and become a part of the institute.

Audience Targeting
Geo Targeting

If you are running online classes or modules, you can now reach students outside of your geographic area. Mediaqart helps you do accurate targeting based on radius, pincode or even states and cities.

Audience Targeting
Brand Awareness

Social media platforms and online visibility is the best way to increase awareness about your institute and this can be efficiently executed by choosing promotional ad campaigns offered by Mediaqart.

What Features You Get With Mediaqart
Audience Targeting
One-click audience

All you have to do is select your business. Our automation will target a relevant audience from 4.7 million unique audience sets.

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Audience Targeting
Pre-estimated results

Get pre-estimated results for your ad campaigns across digital platforms in a single view to make informed decisions.

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Audience Targeting
Built-in creative tool

Make content by using our unique tool integrated with a comprehensive media library and customized text suggestions.

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Audience Targeting
Unique scheduler

Schedule your campaigns and organic content from a single dashboard across multiple digital platforms.

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Audience Targeting
Actionable Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance with detailed reporting that breaks it down with engagement and audience sentiments. Find all reports neatly organized in a shareable format.

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Content Recommedation

Here are talking points around which you can make ads and organic content.
Audience Targeting

Run a campaign focusing on online education till the pandemic is under control and that learning does not stop due to these circumstances.

With content and resources tailored to micro-moments which focuses on different milestones in a students life such as school, graduation, upskilling, career counselling, etc., and the path to their dreams with the help of blogs, articles and videos.

Focus on the courses which anybody can avail to upskill or cross-skill and add another feather in their cap to stay ahead during these competitive times.

Target Gen Z with the people whom they connect and resound with. Use industry-specific experts to educate them about your courses, and how the institute can help shape their future.

To build trust and credibility among parents and students, it is very important to highlight or showcase all placements or assistance which the institute provides, so that the future students can go through them and realise how the university or col- lege can help them forward their career.

  • Health & Safety Measures
  • Resources & Guides
  • Promote Courses Which Helps in Upskilling
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Highlight Placements
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