Get More Food Orders For Your Restaurant

The restaurant and food vending business is one of the most profitable and growing businesses in India. But it’s also the one that is extremely competitive with the most demanding customers.

To increase footfall or build a reputation or create a loyal customer base, promoting your business online is a necessity.

Why Digital Marketing For Restaurants


Millennials tried new restaurant after finding it online


Internet users searched online for products and services


People research online before dining out


Increase in brand discovery using digital channels

$38 Billion

Orders will be placed via mobile apps

How to set up ads on Mediaqart

Select Industry

Audience Targeting

Select Sub-Categories

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Select the Location

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Select the audience profile

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How Mediaqart Helps Restaurants

Audience Targeting
Relevant Audience

Automated audience selection helps you find highly active internet users who are interested in restaurants. You can narrow audiences by socio- economic profile, age, location and more.

Audience Targeting
Consistent advertising

The more you advertise, the better the results. Mediaqart allows you to plan and schedule ad campaigns well ahead of time. This way you can stay active on digital channels 24/7.

Audience Targeting
Location targeting

Restaurant advertising is location driven. Mediaqart lets your target locations from nation-level all the way down to pincodes and a radius surrounding the restaurant’s location.

Audience Targeting
Hassle-free content creation

Your restaurant’s ad message needs to be compelling to your diners. Keep it interesting and on point using one of the several preset templates for restaurant ad headlines that come built-in in Mediaqart.

What Features You Get With Mediaqart
Audience Targeting
One-click audience

All you have to do is select your business. Our automation will target a relevant audience from 4.7 million unique audience sets.

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Audience Targeting
Pre-estimated results

Get pre-estimated results for your ad campaigns across digital platforms in a single view to make informed decisions.

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Audience Targeting
Built-in creative tool

Make content by using our unique tool integrated with a comprehensive media library and customized text suggestions.

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Audience Targeting
Unique scheduler

Schedule your campaigns and organic content from a single dashboard across multiple digital platforms.

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Audience Targeting
Actionable Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance with detailed reporting that breaks it down with engagement and audience sentiments. Find all reports neatly organized in a shareable format.

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Content Recommedation

Here are talking points around which you can make ads and organic content.
Audience Targeting
  • Testimonials Get Footfalls
  • Share top customer reviews about your eatery and see an increase in your footfall.

  • Show Them To Wow Them
  • Showcase hi-res pictures of the ambience and food to help customers understand what they can expect.

  • Discounts Help Sales
  • Well-timed discounts are proven to increase orders and footfall to your restaurant and also keep the regulars happy and hooked.

  • Premium Customers Love Stories
  • Tell the gourmet story behind your premium menu and entice new customers, showcase your chef’s abilities and life journey.

  • Promote Contactless Deliveries
  • In these difficult times, it is important to convey the message of the sanitization process which your restaurant has adopted for home deliveries. Promote the message of zero-contact delivery keeping in the mind the health and safety concerns of your staff and your customers.

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