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Local stores are the lifeline of a locality or neighbourhood. From daily supplies and kitchen staples to medicines, stationery and toiletries, these stores offer a wide variety of products and services. And in times when social distancing and online ordering is the go-to approach to buying, local stores need to get up to speed with digital advertising and promotion to keep their businesses running. While a lot of people now shop at big box stores, there is still a huge segment of the audiences who prefer to walk into their neighbourhood stores for supplies or services. But the competition is rising steadily which is why it's important to incorporate digital advertising to stay ahead of the competition.

Why Digital Marketing For Neighbourhood Stores


of the buyers research online before purchase


Look at online reviews before making a purchase


of the consumers learn about products through online advertising


are more likely to buy a product recommended by a friend


increased internet penetration leads to a higher engagement with the users

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How Mediaqart Helps Neighbourhood Stores

Audience Targeting
Targeted audience

MediaQart has designed special customized plans based on your requirements such as driving up engagement, page likes, promotion, store walk-ins, etc.

Audience Targeting
Hyperlocal advertising

For fashion outlets or online stores, advertising is location driven. Mediaqart lets you target locations pan-india all the way down to pincodes and radius targeting depending on the business model.

Audience Targeting
Consistent Advertising

The more you advertise, the better the results. Mediaqart allows you to plan and schedule ad campaigns well ahead of time. This way you can stay active on digital channels 24/7.

Audience Targeting
Demographic Targetting

Mediaqart shows ads for your fitness center to the right mix of audiences using our various demographic inputs which are based on intent and social behaviour of the end users.

What Features You Get With Mediaqart
Audience Targeting
One-click audience

All you have to do is select your business. Our automation will target a relevant audience from 4.7 million unique audience sets.

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Audience Targeting
Pre-estimated results

Get pre-estimated results for your ad campaigns across digital platforms in a single view to make informed decisions.

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Audience Targeting
Built-in creative tool

Make content by using our unique tool integrated with a comprehensive media library and customized text suggestions.

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Audience Targeting
Unique scheduler

Schedule your campaigns and organic content from a single dashboard across multiple digital platforms.

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Audience Targeting
Actionable Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance with detailed reporting that breaks it down with engagement and audience sentiments. Find all reports neatly organized in a shareable format.

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Content Recommedation

Here are talking points around which you can make ads and organic content.
Audience Targeting
  • Seasonal/Festival Discount To Boost Sales
  • Depending upon the type of business, running discount offers during seasonal or festival time is one of the best ways to increase visits to your store by targeting local audiences in your vicinity.

  • Product Promotion
  • Store owners keep getting new products from the manufacturers to push for sales. Running promotional ads for new products will help get the brand more visibility and help increase sales more efficiently using our audience selection.

  • Reviews For Online Reputation
  • Internet reviews are a big part of the marketing mix now. By sharing top reviews by your customers, you create brand awareness and help increase walk-ins as this gives you a good reputation.

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Reward your regular customers by running loyalty programs on various social media channels. This will also prompt the user to share your posts with other people.

  • Health & Safety Guidelines
  • During this pandemic crisis, it is important to tell your customers how you are following strict hygiene and social distancing guidelines, to avoid any incidents of spreading the virus. Also, inform them that stringent sanitization and no-contact delivery system are followed for home deliveries.

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