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How to use audience selection on Mediaqart and maximize returns

How you can narrow and broaden the reach of your digital ad campaign to maximize returns from your ad budget

Based on audience interests, intent and demographics, Mediaqart helps you select an audience that is highly likely to engage with your ads and convert.

Example: Coaching Centre

Narrow selection

Scenario: Your coaching centre offers private tuition for students of secondary and board level in the SSC format.

Available range: Coaching institutes >> School >> SSC >> SSC (All)

Under sub categories, deselect primary.

Result: You target only those audiences who are looking for private classes for the secondary levels and board exams in the SSC format of education.

Related selection

Scenario: Your coaching centre offers private tuition for SSC, CBSE and ICSE across all levels from primary to board.

Method A: Coaching Centre

Selection Path: Coaching institutes >> School >> School (All)

Under subcategories, deselect IB and IGCSE

Result: This selection will give you a somewhat wider audience across SSC, CBSE, and ICSE from primary to board level.

Method B: Coaching Centre

Selection Path: Coaching institutes >> School >> School (All)

Result: This will give you a significantly broader set of audiences across all schooling formats and all levels.

Targeting audiences who aren’t exactly your ideal customers could dilute the relevance of the leads you get. However, it could fetch you better results depending on your location targeting and budgeting.

Broad Selection

Scenario: Your coaching centre offers private classes for all levels of school, competitive exams, college and vocational level across different streams.

Selection Path: Coaching institutes >> Coaching institutes (All)

Result: You get the broadest audience selection for coaching institutes which targets all levels of schools across different formats, competitive exams for law, business, medicine and engineering, all streams of college education and vocational training programs.

General Selection

Scenario: You want to run a likes campaign for your business page and just want to get more likes, followers, and visibility. You aren’t concerned about the relevance of the audiences.

Selection Path: General

Result: This will select a randomized audience for your campaign that may or may not have interest in coaching institutes or private tuition.