How to use audience selection on Mediaqart and maximize returns

How you can narrow and broaden the reach of your digital ad campaign to maximize returns from your ad budget

Based on audience interests, intent and demographics, Mediaqart helps you select an audience that is highly likely to engage with your ads and convert.

Let’s see some examples of food retail businesses to understand audience selection on Mediaqart

Example: Fashion retail store

Narrow selection

Scenario: You want to promote your restaurant business online to get more footfall and online orders.

Selection Path: Fashion >> Men >> Men (all)

Under subcategories, deselect everything except Indian & Festive wear and Wedding.

Result: This will allow your ad to reach audiences who are interested in purchasing men’s traditional, festive or wedding attire.

Related selection

Scenario: You have a men’s fashion store that offers all kinds of men’s apparel from casual to work to traditional

Method A:

Scenario: Fashion >> Men >> Men (all)

Under subcategories, deselect fashion accessories like Bags & Bag packs, Belts, Caps& Hats, Cufflinks, Gloves, etc.

Result: This will target a slightly broader set of people whose buying interests spread across different segments of men’s apparel. This however, won’t target those whose interests are exclusively in men’s fashion accessories.

Method B:

Selection Path : Fashion >> Men >> Men (all)

Result: This will target a much broader range of audiences interested in buying different segments of men’s clothing and accessories like backpacks, gloves, wrist watches, wearables, etc.

Targeting audiences who aren’t exactly your ideal customers could dilute the relevance of the leads you get. However, it could fetch you better results depending on your location targeting and budgeting.

Broad selection

Scenario: You want to advertise your multi-brand fashion store with apparel for men, women and kids

Method A:

Selection Path: Fashion >> Fashion (All)

Under subcategories, deselect Fashion Designer and Tailoring.

Result: This will target a large set of audiences who could be interested in buying clothes and accessories across a wide range of prices for men, women and children.

Method B:

Selection Path: Fashion >> Fashion (All)

Result: This will target the largest set of audiences interested in retail fashion from ready-to-wear to madeto-order and from budget to designer brands across men’s, women’s and kids’ lines.

General Selection

Scenario: You want to run a likes campaign for your business page and just want to get more likes, followers, and visibility. You aren’t concerned about the relevance of the audiences.

Selection Path: General

Result: This will select a randomized audience for your campaign that may or may not have any interest in retail fashion and accessories.