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Why Is My Facebook Campaign Not Spending? 11 Reasons

Navigating through advertising platforms can be challenging, especially if you're new.

You know that you've spent a reasonable amount of time, money, and other resources to run an ad campaign, but your results are the opposite of what you expected.

But Why?

Maybe the reason is that your ad is not delivering

Facebook Ad Not Spending? Fix it now

enough to generate the desired results. That's when you need to ask yourself, 'what went wrong?' instead of abandoning the campaign midway.

To help you look for an answer, we've listed down '11' common reasons your Facebook ads are not spending.

There are three main reasons why your ad could be flagged as low quality:

  • You're purposely withholding the information to tempt users to click on it.
  • You're asking the users to interact with the ad in some way (like, share, comment, etc.).
  • Your headlines have exaggerated words like 'Best & Effective Hair Growth Remedy' but fail to deliver the expectations.

Facebook takes into consideration; the post ad clicks experience as well.

Make sure that the landing page doesn't have too many ads & pop-ups, plagiarised content, slow loading time, etc., that can drive the user traffic away.

If your ad contains offers, events, services, etc., that have expired or ended, Facebook may have most likely removed it or set the permissions to no longer viewing it.

For example, you cannot promote an ad with a missing product ID as it is no longer in stock.

If there's ever a case where you're experiencing no ad delivery, it means that your ad has been rejected.

This is because Facebook has a strict ad policy that needs to be followed before running ads on its platform.

There are several reasons this could happen: advertising illegal products & services, adult content, weaponry, drugs, etc. Learn more about it here.

Facebook shows ads based on timings.

Therefore, scheduling issues like the end date has passed, the ad set is paused, or the campaign is set for the future; prevent your ads from delivering results.

If you want Facebook to target an audience with more precision, you have to, at all costs, select an optimization goal.

For instance, if you're optimizing for link clicks, you need to tell Facebook to target people who'll more likely click through based on their engagement with similar ads.

There's nothing to worry about if your ads are genuine and haven't been approved yet because it doesn't necessarily mean that it has been denied.

It could be stuck in the review process, which is why they aren't delivering. It also takes additional time to review if you've made recent changes. Learn more about it in this blog.

A simple yet often missed issue while running Facebook campaigns is your credit card being maxed out.

This means that you've reached the credit limit available to you as a user, and you have to complete the payment to resume your ads.

Facebook's ad delivery algorithm determines how much you're willing to pay for the desired results.

If you're restrictive with your budget, the ad delivery is limited to a smaller audience, thus affecting the growth.

Being a Facebook advertiser, the most common mistake that you can make is narrowing down the audience to reach your objective; however, doing so; only leads to higher CPMs (Cost Per Mille) with probably no ad delivery.

It doesn't mean that you shouldn't create a refined audience. Just take care that the audience size in your target location is not small.

Running multiple ad campaigns targeting the same audiences result in overlapping campaigns. So, you're basically competing with yourself and increasing your cost to enter the same auction.

Also, Facebook doesn't enter two identical ads into the same auction; instead, it picks the one that'll perform the best.

Now that you're aware of why your FB campaign isn't spending, you can push forward and take the necessary steps to solve the issue.

If you're still experiencing difficulty along your journey and need an additional set of hands, grab a seat and let 'Mediaqart' help you out. Get a free consultation today.