Why Agencies Should Incorporate Digital Into Their Offering

Very few agencies provide digital advertising services. In fact, most agencies are engaged in services and offerings that are allied to digital marketing.

These could involve

Developing websites and apps

PR and communications

Design and creative

Business consultation

Marketing research

In addition to this, there is an ever-growing number of freelancers who provide services in web content, social media management and graphics designing.

While your existing business model might be reaping you benefits and satisfaction, we recommend that you consider expanding into performance advertising as part of your service offering.

Here are some of the reasons behind this.

Become a one-stop shop

Clients find it convenient dealing with fewer people to get a job done. They prefer doing business with an agency that can deliver the entire project and become their single point of contact.

As an example, let’s say you develop websites and apps for digital businesses. Eventually, the business will need digital advertising to drive traffic to their website or app.

And if you can pick up that tab, the business is more likely to sign up with you. This not only offers convenience, but also a carry over of trust from one set of requirements to the other.

Diversify your income and bring consistency

Adding digital advertising services to your set of offerings allows you to diversify your income sources. This is especially helpful when the market is slow or a sudden disruption causes an entire industry to go under.

Contracts for digital advertising works on a retainer basis. So, if the revenue from your primary offering is episodic, adding digital advertising will help bring consistency to your revenue line.

Cross-selling & up-selling opportunities

This is especially important if you are a freelancer. As a freelancer, your biggest challenge is getting and retaining clients to reach your revenue targets.

This can be very challenging if your service has a one-time application, like web content or graphic designing.

And if you are a social media manager then, growing yourself beyond just organic posting is critical.

Offering digital advertising opens a vast set of opportunities for you, not just on the revenue front but also

Creating a brand in the long-run

The difference between a service provider and a service provider with a brand is that the latter provides value and a great customer experience along with utility.

Incorporating digital advertising into your existing offering allows you add more value to your client’s business. Not just that, but the convenience it brings makes for a great experience for your client.

While digital advertising can help you score extra points, it’s a challenging area to master. Usually, professional digital marketers and performance advertisers spend several years perfecting their understanding of digital.

And this is precisely why we build Mediaqart. It’s to make digital advertising accessible to all and lower the entry barriers. Backed by automation and an easy interface, Mediaqart enables anyone to run digital ads without any background.

If you wish to take a demo of this, then you can sign up with our Partner program.