What is Performance Advertising

Performance-based advertising is a strategy designed to achieve specific and measurable results within a short amount of time.

Such goals can include:
Boosting sales
Increasing website traffic
Retaining the audience
Increasing engagement

This form of advertising uses a mix of digital channels to get the most optimum results out of the marketing budget. These results often go beyond the immediate outcomes of an ad campaign and map these outcomes to business objectives.

What is Measured?

With this form of advertising, you only pay when someone engages with your ads.

The engagement can be in any of the following forms:
Website traffic
Page Likes

Choosing the metric, and consequently, the ad objective depends on your business objective and the stage of the buyer journey that you want to focus on.

Benefits of Performance Advertising

  • 1. Real-time performance results and measurement.
  • 2. Optimize campaigns based on the performance and key metrics. 
  • 3. Pay as per your selected campaign objectives. 
  • 4. Cost-effective performance.
  • 5. Save time and money on resources.
  • 6. Ideal for any business type and size.
  • 7. Avoid paying large amounts for ineffective ads to digital marketing agencies.

How Mediaqart Enables Performance Advertising?

With Mediaqart, you can take a data-driven approach to run digital ads.

  • 1. The audiences you select for a product or service are the ones who are more likely to respond to your ad.
  • 2. Before you set up a campaign, you get to know the kind of results you should expect from it. This helps you make informed decisions.
  • 3. The text templates are drafted according to best practices for digital copies.
  • 4. A detailed campaign reporting helps you optimize future campaigns.

While performance-based advertising is one of the most effective promotion techniques, it should be paired with other forms of marketing to achieve maximum results. Combining paid advertising with organic posting and social media management always works better.

Also, sometimes it helps in advertising with multiple ad channels to track their effectiveness concerning the budget and engagement.