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Way forward for Small Digital Marketing Agencies after COVID-19

We are going to cover a lot of topics in this blog, talking about the current COVID-19 situation, the uncertainty during and post the lockdown, what does it really mean for digital ecosystems, opportunities going forward, the scope of the digital industry, current trends and projections and we will try and answer all questions and uncertainties which people have in their mind now.

Kunal Vele

Head- Business Development and Partnerships at Mediaqart had a series of questions for our Founders

- Jignesh Maniar & Rajesh Makhija.

Jignesh Maniar

CEO & Co-Founder of Mediaqart, has more than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing. He has won over 50 awards for advertising and marketing effectiveness, media & digital renovation. We are going to use his experience and knowledge to understand what it really means for people in the digital space all together.

Rajesh Makhija

CTO & Co-Founder of Mediaqart. He is the brain behind the company set-up and has over 22 years of experience in web development, digital marketing. He has also worked with advertising giants like Ogilvy and JWT on outsourced digital projects.

Q & A Session


  • People are trying to understand what's the scope of business growth after COVID-19? What are some bouncing back strategies for a business after the pandemic?

How can small digital marketing agencies capitalize on the opportunity that the pandemic has created?


  • These are unprecedented times, nobody would have imagined we would be here. Businesses are shut now, and times are tough for the economy. But there's also an opportunity. You need to have a strategy for your business after the pandemic. One thing the businesses cannot avoid is going digital. Unless your business goes digital, you cannot move forward or progress. You can’t have business growth after COVID-19.

  • Consumer habits are changing, just to give you a small example of how things are changing, most of your parents used to read newspapers but now they have switched to reading news on their phones.

  • There’s a huge shift in consumer behaviour. People are getting used to digital interfaces, online meetings happening on Zoom, on Google Meets, business behaviour is changing as well.

  • But it's gonna change in a huge way, this is gonna be the new normal. Till you have a digital interface and till you have a strategy for business during COVID-19, you cannot have business growth after COVID-19, you cannot survive in this world as physical interaction will reduce at least for the next 2 years.

  • People do not want to meet people because they are afraid, they are wary, they want to protect themselves. Now this will lead to change in some business functions and this will also lead to change in the way people do business and this is what is going to be the new normal. You need to have a strategy for your business after the pandemic.

  • India was already going digital and growing 30% YoY, but at the same time, less than 2% of businesses are digital engaged and less than 10% are digital enabled.

  • But today, that cannot be the case anymore. Businesses have to understand they need to be on social media and how to promote businesses to those who are not online. Some businesses like tours and travel, event management are gonna suffer, they have to change the way of doing business. For example: restaurants, till they practise social distancing, people are not going to go or they will have to survive on home deliveries. Spa and salons have to practice social distancing, until then nobody will visit.

  • This is a new way of living and presents an opportunity for digital advertising and marketing for businesses who have never considered going digital, they will have to adopt digital methods now.

  • And here's an opportunity for all agencies, to convince businesses why it's important to be part of the digital landscape, integrate digital marketing and promote their business growth.

  • For example: a gym needs to communicate what practices they are following to maintain hygiene, social distancing and sanitization, so that people can please visit their center. Public transport will be avoided due the overcrowding, so 2 wheeler markets may grow, to avoid public transport.

  • These are the changes people should expect in the coming two years. But there also lies great opportunities for online ads during COVID. Facebook has 350 million subscribers in India already, and will grow faster now as those who aren't present will certainly join.


  • Unless you tell your customers, and put the word out in the market, that you are practicing social distancing, customers won't engage with the brand. Facebook and Jio are investing a lot.


  • It is a very interesting ecosystem, to enable kirana stores to sell through Whatsapp. They will be digitally enabled and have the opportunity to market themselves. The digital ecosystem is galvanizing faster than it was supposed to, this is gonna accelerate the digital system of India tremendously, and businesses which fail to adapt may suffer.


  • Everyone would want to get businesses online, audiences will inquire about services and products online. Is this the right time and opportunity for businesses who aren't online yet, to be visible digitally? A lot of people have doubts and queries about getting clients and what should be their new approach and acquisition strategy to get new clients. What are your inputs for this?

Benefits of digital advertising for agency's clients


  • Like we said earlier, there is a huge opportunity to approach clients with new propositions. New businesses can get on digital with very small investment. You have to be able to convince the customer and clients of the importance of digital at this time. The great advantage is the current situation is going to break the barriers, businesses will listen to the advantages of online ads during COVID and have ears for it.

  • As people get accustomed to digital, they will be more open to new ideas and social marketing. It's important for you to approach the businesses that need to communicate the new way of working, like restaurants or gyms, mentioned earlier. Businesses like electronics and furniture stores may not need to change the way they do business but communication is required to put the message across for social distancing.

  • This is a need of the hour and awareness of their safety and health is a must for this for communication. Look at this as a relationship and not as a transaction, and explain the different facets of online ads during COVID.

  • Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google for leads generation to business promotion or page engagement, as per their business objective. This convinces them of the transparency in the relationship.

  • Secondly, show them how through the Mediaqart platform, you can select audiences for your business by using pin codes. That will convince them there is an audience for their business on Facebook and they will respect transparency.

  • It is important to do run online ads during COVID consistently. One campaign will not help. Advertise every 15 days and be present continuously to make an impact. Say if they are doing a campaign for Rs.5000, they are interacting with 5-10% of the available audience, at least show the campaign to 1/3 of the audience at least 3 times, then they will get some return on investment.


  • Businesses often ask what is my ROI? If I run online ads during COVID, how many people will see the ads?


  • Mediaqart gives you a complete breakdown of how many people see your online ads during COVID and also where they see it. This increases transparency, credibility and builds trust. It is important to work with the business to bring results and returns to them. Explain to them if a campaign has worked then why it is so and if it hasn't worked then what are the reasons and what can be done about it. The key here is communication.


  • How can a small digital marketing agency achieve profit from clients?


  • It's about showing value. Once they see that, the client will have a long way to go with your business or your small digital marketing agency. Whether you’re a partner or a small digital marketing agency or a freelancer, if you care about your client’s business and use credible tools like Mediaqart, which are highly sophisticated, you will certainly grow.


  • Should a business focus on big clients or small clients? If they want to acquire clients from their local areas, how do they go about it?

  • Which businesses should a small digital marketing agency target?


  • Approach as many businesses, and do a thorough research of the market. Meet people, explain virtual digital advertising, explain the advantages of running online ads during COVID. Big and small depends on servicing, small clients can also grow with you. if you cannot provide service to big clients, then no point. Only if you can provide the services, only then bring them on board and show them the results. This way you will build a steady list of clients who will advertise consistently and grow their business.


  • What activities should small agencies do through COVID-19?


  • This is a big opportunity for small agencies to reach out to such clients and take them through the whole process of digital advertising and tell them how they can leverage social media and digital channels to reach out to their customers and keep their business alive and kicking.

  • This is a big opportunity for small agencies to reach out to such clients and take them through the whole process of digital advertising and tell them how they can leverage social media and digital channels to reach out to their customers and keep their business alive and kicking.

  • You should also explore your list of contacts around you and even the business connections you have developed and reach out to them with a marketing plan which will help their business to grow even at such times.


  • Is Facebook the right platform for B2B advertising?


  • Yes. Because there are a large number of people from all walks of life and professions on Facebook. There are a lot of products which are available on Facebook which are B2B and they are very successful. And Mediaqart helps you find the right audience for your business in a few clicks.


  • What’s the difference between advertising directly on Facebook and going through Mediaqart?


  • Facebook requires a good amount of digital and technical knowledge to set-up ad campaigns, especially when it comes to ad budgeting. It requires you to set up multiple audience parameters, targeting, bid adjustments and image or video creatives with ad copies.

  • On Mediaqart, you can do all of this in a matter of minutes without having any knowledge of digital marketing. Our platform offers dynamic AI and automation that is optimized by past results, which helps in setting up campaigns easily with our media plan packages, easy audience and location selection, and ready ad copy templates.


  • How can agencies partner with Mediaqart?


  • We have two models, the partner and the franchise program. Both the programs help agencies with a robust support system, extensive onboard training, customised digital advertising strategies for clients etc. For the Franchise model, the advantage over the Partner program is lead acquisition, profit-sharing, assisted client meetings and Mediaqart branding.

  • How do agencies make money when they use Mediaqart?


  • At Mediaqart, we offer you several ways to make money, which are as follows:

  • Once you start doing business with Mediaqart, you can always charge your clients a service fee which is over and above your billing from us.

  • If you regularly advertise with Mediaqart, we offer cashback to those who have been our loyal clients.

  • We also offer a Franchise program where you represent Mediaqart and it works on a profit-sharing basis. You will get full assistance from Mediaqart regarding the resources and leads. However, you will need to get clients who will do consistent advertising at reasonable budgets to keep the ball rolling.

Mediaqart’s automated digital advertising platform helps you understand your audiences better, run targeted campaigns, and read the demographics of your target audience. It helps you plan your social calendar using a Scheduler and lets you make informed decisions based on data analysis.

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