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Increase Website Traffic for Realty Businesses with Digital Advertising

An Effective Approach to Increase Traffic for Real Estate Businesses

A couple of decades ago, real estate properties were considered an investment. Realtors and home seekers have limited options to interact with each other as the process of purchasing a property was long and wearisome. Traditional media was the subtle way to reach potential buyers but with no options to evaluate the footfalls and conversion metrics.

However, the current scenario has changed with the emergence of digital channels and futurecast advertising and marketing efforts. The latest trend suggests that home buyers research extensively, virtually visit the premises, and analyze estate assets before shortlisting residential or commercial properties. Survey data suggests that 92% of home buyers search online to find their dream home.

Increase Website Traffic for Your Real Estate Business
Website Traffic campaign for Real Estate Business

As a realtor, you might want to explore new opportunities to grow your business. If you haven’t explored the exceptional possibilities of digital advertising, then you’re missing out on a pool of opportunities in India.

The Indian real estate sector saw an uphill growth following the digital revolution. Facebook, Google, and YouTube, the most preferred channels in India, have the largest online visitors. The numbers prove the theory and advocate that the online market is a goldmine for real estate professionals to leverage their prospects in an impactful way.

Social media channels were the first game-changers to increase website traffic for your real estate business. From showcasing and sharing projects, property assets, visuals to offer deals, brokerage and down payments, real estate ads on social media allowed professionals to build a brand and a booming business.

Apart from this, low-cost internet data, free access to digital platforms, and cheap advertising with substantial content outreach sparked the easy flow of digital marketing efforts. The intent-based audience, location-based campaigns, and action-oriented analytics stimulated the marketing framework.

Brand Awareness

Creating a brand is easy but getting people to notice your brand is a laborious task. Marketing your business online can help you to create the buzz about your brand among the preferred buyers.

Cost-effective Advertising Platforms

Unlike traditional media, advertising your brand online is economical. You can either use brand awareness campaigns or lead generation as per your strategic intent.

Higher ROI and ROAS

The most important aspect is, of course, the conversion metrics. The modern marketing strategies yield higher ROI and ROAS as compared to any other advertising field, which justifies your ad spend.

The Lifeline of Online Marketing is Website Traffic and Conversion

Website traffic is the lifeline of any website, specifically real-estate business. The larger the number of visitors to your website the better!

The number of online visitors serves as the number of business opportunities to build brand awareness, make professional relationships, and sell more flats/apartments or commercial properties. It would also help improve your business strength (not just profits), expand beyond your service areas, and invest in new locations.

Where Does Traffic Come From?

The second question that lies ahead is where to invest, how much to invest, and what you could expect with such investments in digital advertising. Targeted PPC campaigns for real estate give you access to sizeable market areas and prime positioning for the brand. You can expect fair footfalls and measure data from your paid campaigns and plan your phase two marketing campaigns.

Intent-based audiences to personalize your marketing strategy

Targeted campaigns with ideal audience sets do wonders for realty business. Generate 4.7 million different audience sets from close to 200+ industry and sub-industry choices. Find the exact niche that is highly likely to respond to the ad. You can narrow down the geographic target area to as small as a 3 KM radius around you.

Channel-specific campaigns

The automated Mediaqart platform allows you to create website traffic campaigns for channels that best suit your intent. You can advertise on Google, Gmail, Facebook & Instagram, Display, and YouTube and reach specific audiences.

Develop certainty about the impact the ad creates

Develop clarity on the potential number of active audiences your campaign will reach. Set the right expectations for campaign results from the get-go. Make an informed decision by understanding the response a campaign can potentially generate for the selected ad budget and audience.

Organic and Paid Campaign Scheduling

Plan and execute all digital strategies, including ads and organic content, from a single dashboard. Get a headstart on your brand marketing by creating a content calendar for digital media platforms from a single dashboard.

Action-Oriented Campaign Analytics

Get a detailed report of all digital metrics and plan your actions. Understand what worked well and what did not by combing over a variety of information on reach, response, and engagement. Based on the results, you can take swift action on top-performing posts or boost them to reach a wider and targeted audience with just one click.

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