Facebook reported of 241 Million active users in India, Facebook is by far one of e most used social media platforms in India and abroad. Over the past few years, Facebook has been offering advertising options to small and large-scale businesses that help build brands a strong digital presence with a strong Return on Investments(ROI) . Right from the kinds of ads to defining your target audience, Facebook offers various types of ads for businesses to advertise and build themselves in the fast-paced world of digital.

Domain Ads (Clicks to Website)/ Link Click Ads

Also known as Domain Ads or Website Link Ads, its an ad format for users who want to advertise on Facebook but do not have a fan page. Shown on the right column of the news feed, it’s a single image ad that lets you add website links and helps generate likes for your page. Domain ads are a great way to increase sales and reach out to a larger audience with vast targeting.

Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)

Carousel Ads on Facebook gives you an option to display multiple products and services at the same time. It helps you identify the kinds of products your target audience is interested in by placing it in the user’s Facebook news feed. Multi-product ads are a great way to announce new launches and products as it allows videos and pictures at the same time.

Possible Call to Actions: Shop Now
Business Objectives: Website Traffic

Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads are another form of the Link Click Ads where instead of a still image, a video is featured. Such ads are great for both brand awareness and can actually retarget the viewers with further ads based on the duration of the video they have watched.

Possible Call to Actions: Watch More
Business Objectives: Video Promotion

Lead Ads

Looks like a regular Standard Ad until a click. Lead Ads guide people to register for your offer without leaving the Facebook platform. This helps in getting valid information(which is pre filled by Facebook for the user from the account details) including name, email address, or phone number of a user for generating a prospect lead.

Possible Call to Actions: Sign Up/ Learn More
Business Objectives: Generate Leads

Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads is an interactive advert currently available only for mobile users. It allows targeted audiences to swipe through a carousel of images, wobble the image in different directions and can examine closely through their fingertips.

Possible Call to Actions: Shop Now
Business Objectives: Website Traffic

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads promotes single or multi-product ads for website visitors. These ads target users by capturing the behaviour and interest of them on website with a perfectly timed ad.

Possible Call to Actions: Shop Now
Business Objectives: Website Traffic

Boosted Page Posts

Facebook offers to increase the post reach of Facebook Page with a Boosted Post. Boosted Page Posts establish the target audience, bidding methods and promote posts to more Facebook users including fans of your current fan page, which ordinarily would not have got the post due to facebook’s organic percolation limit of upto 6%.

Possible Call to Actions: Learn More
Business Objectives: Website Traffic

Collection Ads

Facebook Collection Ads assists on showcasing multiple products for a website. This new ad format makes convenient for users to find, browse and purchase products in a visual and focused way

Page Like Ads

Facebook Page Like Ads helps in increasing number of page Likes. The ads are meant for picking the right audience that’s interested in your page.

Possible Call to Actions: Learn More
Business Objectives: Like, Share & Comment


Each Facebook Ad has different specs, usage, and patterns. It’s better to test different ad formats to find out which works better to choose the suitable ones for advertising on Facebook. Even the feature of the particular ad format gives an opportunity to properly analyse the results and improve performance thereby enhancing ROI.