Tips For Successful Online Holi Marketing 2021

Online Holi Marketing Guide 2021

This season spread the joys of colours and hope of new exciting offers to your customers by using different hues of advertising.

Holi is a good time to attract new and existing customers. Businesses experience a boost in their sales during this period. This time around, people wish their closed ones with gifts. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, most of them are searching for various products or services online.

If people are going for a Holi party, then they need preparation for the before and after Holi care. If they are just visiting or inviting someone over, then gifts, food, and grocery items will be in huge demand. Hence, many local businesses stand to benefit from this festival. And to make the most of this Holi, businesses need to be seen in front of their customers.

Your customers are online. Are you?

Whether you are a brand or a small business, advertising your business online is a great way to grow sales.

It is an effective way to promote your special offers during the festive season. This occasion-based marketing can get you more sales and make your business memorable. However, to get the desired results you must follow a proper online marketing strategy.

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Let’s have a look at the main reasons to advertise your business during the festive season.

Reasons to promote online during Holi

  • According to some reports, during the festival seasons, e-commerce sites observe an increase of approximately 5 times in their overall purchase as compared to normal days.
  • People use various social media platforms for wishing their family and friends. Hence, small businesses must include social media organic posting of their products and services.
  • People ideally wait for offers and discounts introduced by businesses during the festivals. If reports are to be believed, it is found that the sale during the festive season can go high up to 61%.
  • Make sure you run ads to promote your offers and deals so that it does not get lost in the sea of wishes and offers from other brands. To stand out from the competition, you need to rely on distinctive messaging.

Now let’s understand what you will get by advertising your business online during Holi.

Benefits of online advertising during the festive season

You can make this Holi fruitful by promoting your business online. Have a look at the below-mentioned list of benefits you get:

  • Higher reach in front of your target audience
  • Increased awareness of your business/brand
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Adding new customers to the business
  • Higher returns on investment
  • Competitive advantage

Tips to make your online advertising successful

Effective marketing ideas that you can promote online to increase sales or brand awareness during Holi includes:

  • Promote special offers and discounts on your products or services.
  • Wish your customers with digital greeting cards
  • Post it on your Facebook & Instagram story
  • Use some Holi songs or colours to associate with your brand
  • Use Holi memes for engagement
  • Run paid ad campaigns, explaining how the product/service is going to help the customer.

For instance, You can use these various types of ads to grow sales.

  • Post Boost
    These ads can be a great option to increase your popularity for posts that have already seen good results.
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  • Engagement campaign
    The aim is to create some contests/events and run them as ads to increase engagement.
    Find new customers online this Holi

  • Offers Ads
    Run attractive offers and deals for your customers on this special occasion
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  • Video Ads
    If you are looking for a quick and interactive way to promote your business to your customers, then video ads will work well for Holi.
    Example of a beautiful video campaign:

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We can conclude that the festive season is a great time to promote your business online. This Holi, advertise your special offers with Mediaqart to share happy moments with your customers, save time, and increase your sales!