Ideally Any image used to advertise on Facebook shouldn’t contain more than 20% text . But we have seen some images containing upto 40% text are acceptable. In order to gauge the acceptibility of an image, Facebook has released an image tool which is now versioned 2.0 which is at best an approximate guide. It evaluates the uploaded image and gives it a grade as per Facebook policies. The grades and their relevance is given below

Low / Medium / High - these are various grades given by the tool, low text means low text, but above guideline and obviously high means very high text way above the guideline. Facebook claims that any image that is above okay, may not have ideal percolation on its platform and may have a reduced reach as per its grade.


The image matches Facebook guidelines and will run seamlessly on Facebook and Instagram


This image has text which is a little bit above the guideline, but will be accepted and its run is almost similar to okay in our experience. Most of all marketing images will generally get this ranking.


This ranking means the text is a bit on the higher side but the ad will run but its reach may be limited due this rank.


This ranking means text in the image is very high in comparison to the guideline, this ad will be run, but its reach will be very restricted. Ultimately this will translate to higher costs for the advertisement.

Text that does not get any of the above grade will be straightaway rejected and will not run on the Facebook advertisement platform.

The tool is at best an approximation however, it does help on learning how Facebook is treating your ad images. The Facebook Image Tool 2.0 can be accessed at this link - Facebook Image Tool

Sponsored Posts

Banner ads and sponsored posts should include text that follows Facebook Advertising Standards, and should get graded by the Facebook Image Tool. Generally if the tool does not give you a grade, the ad will be rejected.

Right section Ads

The guideline does not apply to right section Ads

Tobacco Products

Tobacco products, illegal drugs, unsafe supplements, adult products, weapons & guns can’t be promoted on Facebook.


Any image that uses ideal body parts, especially for medical, dental or cosmetic businesses, may be rejected. It is best to use images which do not show body parts in clarity. We have seen some images getting rejected and a few getting accepted and have not yet decoded the logic behind this. Be prepared for multiple iterations if you are using such images for your campaign as is the want for your business.

By running an image through the tool, it is very easy to evaluate the productivity of the image or to look for a different image if possible. Posting ads for approval, waiting, and then receiving the ad disapproval can be a waste of time. And by then, the time required for the post or ad to run might be over.

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