Power of Digital Media- Part 2

Hello friends, welcome to the second part of ‘Power of Digital Media’. In our previous part, we understood the several important advantages of digital advertising over traditional advertising. We also learnt why it is necessary for businesses to be seen online in order to grow their business.

Moving further, this part will help you understand the challenges and opportunities offered by digital advertising.

Digital Advertising Challenges and Opportunities

All traditional media services on mediums such as TV, radio and print were started by the introduction of some content. However, the bigger and more mature the mediums became, the scope of opportunities to reach consumers increased.

It has led us to a point where its not unreasonable to think of digital advertising as a sign of maturity of the internet.

However, today, when everything is just a click away, digital advertising presents us with an array of opportunities as well as challenges to deal with. Let’s explore what they are:

1. Complicated Platforms & Settings

Many of the digital advertising platforms available today are too complicated to understand. Users find it really difficult to use them because of a complex working interface. It becomes tough for someone who wants to advertise their business on these platforms.

In such a scenario, all businesses are looking for a platform that’s easy to use and powerful in terms of advertising results. Businesses need a simple interface for an effective advertising campaign.

2. Inefficient Targeting

Inefficient and mass audience targeting can lead your business to nowhere. The result is that businesses miss out on the right target audience and its digital advertising objectives. Such advertising campaigns lead to loss of time and resources.

To efficiently drive sales for businesses, the focus must be on the target audience.

3. Return on Investment

Today, a great challenge for businesses is to get a higher return on investments through digital advertising. To deal with the ROI metrics, most of the successful businesses today use automated digital advertising platforms. Such platforms offer dynamic solutions that open up new ways of generating more revenue.

4. Too Many Options

Digital advertising can be done on so many channels that it’s hard for businesses to keep up with them. So, choosing the right media channels for digital advertising is just as important as the engaging content itself. This is why businesses need to research the channels that correlate the most with their advertising and marketing goals.

Businesses are required to have a system in place that can help them identify opportunities in real-time and the capability to determine a sound advertising strategy. This means, businesses need to complement their ongoing marketing research with a powerful digital advertising platform to make things happen.

5. Overcoming the Challenges

The digital landscape is an ever-changing affair where the challenges will continue to grow. The best way to surpass these challenges is to adopt not just one particular strategy but to use them all in sync. And, from an advertiser’s point of view, one of the main things to consider is maximising the ROI from their digital advertising campaigns.


Using MediaQart’s AI driven automated digital advertising platform, we ensure that you get the maximum ROI through digital advertising. So, use the technology that’s available and keep abreast of the research to stay one step ahead of the changes. Use MediaQart today to grow your business!