Online Marketing For Local Businesses

Online Marketing for Local Business

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Last year we saw a boom in digital ad spending due to the pandemic. This trend is here to stay and grow from $83 billion in 2017 to $129.23 billion by 2021.

By now, you too must be aware of the internet and its benefits, considering you are online and reading this.

With more consumers shopping and researching products online, it becomes critical for local businesses to take advantage of online marketing to grow their business in new ways that they may have never explored before.

Before we talk about the benefits of marketing, let’s look at some quick facts:
Online Marketing for Small Businesses

To help small business owners explore new opportunities, we learn here about the new-age ways of online marketing.

Below is a summary of what’s in store for you:

  • Your users are online
  • Create a sense of urgency and desire through multiple touch points
  • Use the power of Google listings and social media to get discovered
  • Hyperlocal advertising to reach customers in your locality
  • Driving more sales and revenue with small budgets

Let’s dig in further to understand the need for online marketing and what are its benefits.

Why market your business online?

  • Your audience is online

    Over 600 million people are using the internet actively in today’s time. The rural areas have higher internet users than the urban areas. This shows a shift in behaviour and why people are using the internet.
    Marketing of your local brand online
    As a business owner, you want to reach potential customers who are constantly searching for products and services online to promote your brand and expand your user base.
  • Creating multiple point-of-purchase

    You have an offline presence but an increasing number of users are doing online searches to find local businesses.
    With online marketing, you can reach customers through various digital marketing channels. If someone sees your ad and they relate to it, they can easily reach out to you through:
    Advertising Local Business on Facebook
    To run ads you need to have a website or at least a Facebook Business page so that you can land your customers and let them interact at their convenience.

    Post your product images, relevant directions, and operating hours, any discounts or offers, and track the number of clicks on your website or profile.

    Online presence is incomplete if your business is not listed with Google My Business (GMB).
    Online Reputation for Local Business
    It is a great place to build an online presence for your local business. This will correctly target the customers in your store’s vicinity.
  • You don't need a big corporate budget to start advertising online

    Oftentimes, small business owners think that digital marketing is not suitable for their business or it’s only for the big players in the market.

    You don't need big budgets to advertise your business online. Digital marketing is the most effective and affordable way to reach your potential customers and grow revenue.

    You too can make a significant difference to your business growth by using the right mediums and channels to advertise online.

How online marketing benefits your business?

  • It helps you reach your customers wherever they are through Hyperlocal advertising & social media marketing.

    - Local store marketing involves constant contact and engagement with customers in your area.

    - These ads intend to build sales and increase revenue over time.

    Social Media Marketing for Local Stores
    Data source: Neil Patel
    More than 450 million users are active on the internet daily. Use the power of Facebook, Google & Instagram ads to promote your local business to a wider audience no matter where they are present.
    Some great examples of online local store promotion:
    Google Search Ad
    Local SEO for small business

    Facebook Ad
    Facebook Ads for local business
  • Reach exact audiences with micro-targeting options

    Use both offline and online mediums to connect with your local audiences and reach out to precise customers using geo-targeting options.

    Target customers based on their traits, interests, and location.

    Online marketing allows you to target audiences by:
    Local Audience for Local Business
    These precise targeting options ensure your business:
    • Reach customers who are searching for products/services like yours
    • Build a connection between the customer and the business owner
    • Generate genuine leads that can convert
  • Drive more sales and grow your business

    At this point, the internet users are growing daily, so why not use this to your advantage and run ads with the right messaging to help you drive sales.

    At this point, with 64% of consumers doing local searches, Mediaqart can help you reach these customers and expand your business.
  • Automation technology makes the platform cost-effective

    Our AI platform delivers results at the most affordable rates and achieves high ROI for your business.
  • Create ads that lead to an action

    Mediaqart’s creative builder helps you create impactful ads within minutes.
  • Launch campaigns faster

    With Mediaqart, you can create an ad in just 4 simple steps:

    1. Select your industry
    2. Select your location
    3. Choose an ad objective
    4. Select creatives

    And your ad is ready to go live!

    It’s a quick and easy way to start obtaining valuable leads.
  • Get the most of your budget

    Monitor your campaign in real-time and make adjustments as per the customers’ reaction to save money on wasted ad spend.
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