Is your Facebook Ad in Review For More Than 48 Hours?

Have you ever searched ‘ Facebook ad in review for days ’ to find out why your ad is still in pending review? It’s common to face a long review time that goes beyond the usual 48 hours while advertising on Facebook. This article will help you get a better understanding of the Facebook ad review process by explaining the possible reasons for a delay in ad approval.

Here are some key factors that might affect the duration of your Facebook Ad approval:

  • Heavy ad demand

Facebook ad review can be longer when there is a heavy demand for adverts. For example, during holiday seasons, a large number of businesses advertise on Facebook. As a result, ads can stay in longer periods of review.

Besides, millions of ads get published on Facebook every day. The time taken for our ad to be reviewed can sometimes be longer considering the huge numbers of ads in the queue.

  • Video

Facebook crawls through the entire video to check if it follows the ad guidelines. As a result, video ads might take longer to get reviewed.

  • Carousel

Similar to video ads, carousel ads can take a longer review time as Facebook inspects multiple images in compliance with their guidelines.

  • Ad policy violation

Facebook ads can be stuck in review when Facebook finds that the ad doesn’t adhere to its advertising policies. During the ad reviewing process, Facebook checks the ad for:

  • Audience
  • Video and Images
  • Text
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Content on the ad's landing page

Facebook will not approve an ad if it doesn’t adhere to any of Facebook’s advertising policies. Read more Why Facebook and Instagram ads get rejected.

  • Account History:

It seems that the longer we have been advertising on Facebook, the faster it gets our ads approved. For instance, a domain that has been advertised without any glitches a lot of times before may experience a shorter review period.

How does Mediaqart help you with your ad review?

When you start an ad campaign using Mediaqart, the ad is first reviewed by us to see if it is created as per Facebook’s ad policies. Only after Mediaqart’s review, the ad is sent for Facebook’s review. As a result, most of our platform users never face the issue of ad rejection.

However, there can be occasions when the ad can still face disapproval. In those cases, we notify the user about the possible reason(s) for the ad’s rejection. Once the changes are done to meet the Facebook guidelines , the ad goes in Mediaqart’s review and then sent for Facebook’s approval. You can expect a response within 48 hrs to the ad’s resubmission.

In cases where Mediaqart feels that the ad might have been flagged incorrectly, it raises a request for a manual review of the advert. Mediaqart may ask the user to provide more information about their business/ad to submit it to Facebook.


We hope that you have got a fair idea of why sometimes Facebook ads get stuck in review. You can always learn more about Facebook's ad review process under its ad policies. The best way to learn what works and what doesn’t is by launching an ad campaign through our platform. Our expert team can assist you with the right information to start a successful ad campaign for your business.