Importance of images in Facebook

Sharing a splendid image on social media always outpaces other posts and keeps the audience engaged and makes them responsive. From articles to blog posts, then to Facebook posts and finally tweets, the length of the message is getting shorter and the images play a pivotal role. The quality of Facebook images matter, particularly when your intention is to maintain a consistent brand image on all channels. Marketers appreciate the power of photos to market their brand and are giving great importance to it and so does Facebook. Not surprisingly, the better photos on Facebook drive more engagement and make a good connection with the target audience.

It’s important to understand why images draw attention much more than text to make the marketing efforts going in the right direction.

The correct image brings out strong emotions in viewers of love, joy, satisfaction, or even hate, according to marketers, sociologists, and psychiatrists.

An image conveys a broad range of information or it can concentrate on a single idea or emotion, and moreover, it can cover all of the ground.

Viewers inundate themselves with sources and tributaries to feed their hunger for information. Facebook images perforated with the exact information keep the audience captivated through their thought process.

Facebook posts containing photos get more than 150% of the likes on average than posts without images. From the expert marketers perspective, images double the chances of exposure.

Through Facebook Image Tool , it could be determined if the ad will reach fewer people because of too much text on the ad image. The accuracy of the tool may not be perfect however, it is used as a guide to make and submit ads that are more likely to follow the image text guidelines. An image for the product advertisement or for the promotion of the logo or brand must meet the Facebook Image Guidelines 2.0.