How to use MediaQart Analytics to make Informed Decisions

Mediaqart’s analytics reporting helps you understand how your ad campaign and boosted posts performed.

To select a campaign, hover over your profile picture and click on ‘My Campaigns’. Select a campaign from the list that you wish to analyze.

For this example, we will select a completed Page Likes campaign.

What’s Measured

Digital channels it was run on

Campaign objective



Pre-estimated results


Ad duration

Gender demographics

Impressions, reach and results achieved

Campaign tracker with current status

The Breakdown

Daily analysis:

This a daily breakdown of impressions and reach. This way you can find out the days your campaign performed well and can use this insight for future campaigns

Location analysis:

This helps you understand which locations gave you the most impressions and reach. This is especially helpful when you are doing a mult-location campaign or just want to test out different locations for advertising

Placement analysis:
Ad networks:

Here you can compare the campaign results between different ad networks. Thus, if you ran the ad on Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to find which of the two gave your better result


Based on your campaign results, you can find out which devices were used more by your audiences. This could be used to create marketing that is optimized for specific devices.

Age and gender analysis:
  • The charts under this help you see your campaign results broken down by age and gender.
  • With this information, you can optimize demographic targeting for future campaigns.

All performance reports and invoicing details on Mediaqart are shareable and printable, thus, making it easy to share information.