How to Use Pre Estimated Results to make decisions about ad Setup

The pre-estimated results can help you compare outcomes of different ad setups.

Before we begin, please remember that pre-estimated results are based on the audience, location, budget and campaign objectives you select.


You want to set up a Google search ad campaign targeting potential fitness audiences in the pincode - 400063 - with a budget of INR 10,000 spread across 5 days


Potential audience:

23,281 denotes the potential audience available for your campaign. It depends on:

Audience selection
Ad network you choose

The percentage number is the fraction of the potential audiences your ad will reach. In this case, you will reach close to 12,000 (51.68%) of potential audiences. This depends on:

Points to consider:
  • You can change location targeting and budget to target a ‘small slice of a larger audience’ or a ‘large chunk of a small audience’.
  • What you select depends on product, pricing, ad budget, and business objective.


The performance results are the objectives of the campaign. This could be likes, engagement, traffic, clicks, etc.

Results estimates:

The campaign with its current settings will fetch clicks in the stated range - 292 to 402.


This helps understand your returns on investment and make decisions about budgeting.

Factors affecting results:

While this is an estimate of the results, it is possible to do better or worse than this metric. Final results depend on: