How to use Mediaqart creative tool for an ad for restaurants

Mediaqart’s creative builder helps you create an impactful and relatable ad copy for a digital ad campaign within a few minutes.

Making a Facebook and Instagram lead generation ad campaign for a Family Restaurant

1. Facebook log in on Mediaqart :

Already logged into Facebook: Mediaqart will automatically log you in.

First time:
  • Log in using Facebook credentials and open access to all permissions.
  • Select your fan page and hit ‘connect’.
  • Never change permissions settings for any of your connected fan pages.

2. Media formats you could use :

Single Image, where you can use a single static image for your ad copy.

Video that comes handy when you want to do a video coverage of your restaurant or dining facility. Facebook video ads have no limits on the length, but Instagram has a 2-minute limit.

Carousel lets you select up to ten images and ad headlines inside a single ad campaign. So, it works well for businesses where you want to showcase amenities, services or products.

3. Image selection :

Upload your own images by selecting from your computer.

Using built-in media library: Type in keywords for your business or industry, like ‘restaurant’ or ‘family dining’ and hit continue.

Ad guidelines: You might have to edit the images to match Facebook’s guidelines.

Preview: Check how the ad copy looks in the preview section.

4. Headline Selection

Significance: Headlines complement the images and give more information about the ad. You can either write it yourself or select from a list of ready templates created for restaurants.

How to:
  • If you are doing a carousel ad, you will need to pick as many headlines as you have images. For a single image or video, 1 headline is sufficient.
  • Click on ‘headline suggestions’ and browse the headlines to find one that matches your requirements.

5. Post Copy selection

  • Post copy is a general description of your ad and informs the audiences about what you are advertising.
  • If you have offers or discounts then the description must contain that information.

How to: Just as the headline, you can either select a ready template for post copy or write one yourself.​ ​To select a ready template, click on ‘text suggestions.’

6. URL and Call to Action

Ad campaigns like website traffic or lead generation require adding a link to your website and selecting a call to action.

URL field: could either contain your website’s address or the link to the Facebook page for your business.

Call to action: Select one from the drop down box that tells your audiences what they should do after viewing your ad.

7. Lead Form

Campaigns for website traffic and lead generation will need you to make a lead form where you can capture contact details of leads.

Create my own lead form: Takes you to Facebook where you can build one yourself.

Using Mediaqart’s built-in lead form:
  • Leave the box unchecked.
  • By default Mediaqart will capture name, email address and phone number.
  • You need to add your website’s privacy policy URL.
  • In the content field, you can add a thank you note or a contact number for your business so an interested lead can call you directly.