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Drive Sales Like a Google Ads Specialist in 2022

Reports suggest that Google Ads give companies an average of a whopping 200% ROI. In order to increase sales through Google Ads, you must optimize and test your ad campaigns. It’s no secret that sales strategies especially with Google Ads have evolved over a period of time. There needs to be a whole lot of understanding to strategize campaigns.

This blog will present a list of techniques that you should be enforcing into your strategy.

Grow sales with Google Ads

1. Include Negative Keywords in your Google Ads Campaign

Negative keywords can be considered as one of the most significant tools in your Google Ads campaign. They are often left out, but they help you prevent searchers who are not a match for your products and services.

There are many benefits of incorporating negative keywords:

  • Searchers are shown only those ads that are related to what they are looking for
  • Save budget by not bidding on low performing keywords
  • Increase sales on underperforming campaigns
  • Improve the performance of your Google Ad groups
  • Expand the probability of acquiring targeted traffic, which can increase conversions

2. Social Proof of Google Sales Ads

When people shop, they look for reviews, recommendations, and other ways to determine whether to buy a product or not. Social proof in digital marketing is a verification that the customers have purchased and liked a product or service.

Social proofs can be of various types namely, customer testimonials, product reviews, customer lists, and more. Social proof can increase your ROI because people tend to resonate with reviews from a fellow customer who points out a product or service’s credibility. This gives the prospect the final push to go ahead with a product/service. Visit our blog on Google Shopping Ads for in-depth information on the same.

3. Push Value Instead of Sales

Google is always quick to adapt to new and improved changes. With the same intent, Google has started to concentrate more on a customer-centric goal. Advertisers and marketers need to keep that in mind while building their ad campaigns. Often, targeting keywords that advertisers aren’t giving enough value can help get in more conversions, CTR, and better ranking.

As a brand, promote your value proposition instead of boasting about the product as the best in the market. It helps build strong customer relationships and strengthen your brand’s market value in the long run.
Click here to know how to grow your business efficiently with Google Display Ads.

4. Inspect Landing Page Relevance

Inspecting landing page relevance will provide you with better quality scores which can lower your marketing costs.

Use the following steps to look into your landing page:
Begin by keeping a tab on your Google Ads campaign and its detailed contents like the landing page relevancy and keywords. Your quality score determines a good index.
Ensure your landing page is user-friendly with a structured interface and is easy to navigate for new potential customers visiting the site.
Different things work for different brands, which is why it is important for each brand to test different call-to-actions and headings to find out what works for them and what does not.
Site speed is a very crucial aspect to ensure your landing pages are quick to load and effective.

5. Automate Bidding on Google Ads Campaign

Looking after every campaign performance can be time-consuming and tedious. This is where automated bidding comes into play. Automated bidding is a bid strategy designed within Google Ads to optimize results based on your campaign goal. This feature automatically sets bid amounts based on the most possible case of conversions. Check out the top 6 mistakes to avoid with Google Ads here.

You can also create automated rules in the rules section of your Google Ads dashboard. These come with a series of benefits as well, some of them being:

  • Improved target impressions
  • More clicks
  • Increased conversions
  • Smart bidding
  • Improve ROAS

6. Increase the Campaign Budget with Long-tail Keywords

29% of keywords with 10 thousand searchers consist of three or more words. Experiment, test and add long-tail keywords to establish targeted traffic leading to conversion. Although long-tail keywords are seen as unpopular, they have quite a few benefits, namely:

  • Lower CPCs
  • Less competition
  • Higher conversions
  • Increased sales
  • Better content visibility
  • Improved ranking

7. Optimize for More Clicks with Ad Extensions

Enabling ad extensions to your account will help you optimize your pre-existent campaigns and ad groups. This can increase relevant clicks on your website traffic campaigns. You can refine the customer journey by highlighting products, important brand information, special or festive deals, and more.

Your ad extensions can include snippets, product and review extensions, site links, and more. You can use as many extensions as you desire, as long as they are admissible.

Remember to use ad rotations to select a high-performance extension combination.

8. Use Split Testing Technique for Google Ads for Sales

Split testing and A/B testing are often used interchangeably. The major difference between the two is, A/B refers to the two web pages or website variations that are in competition with each other. On the other hand, split testing is when traffic is equally split between the existing variations. Put it to test by making two different versions and checking which one drives more conversions. Testing page elements, as minor as they may be, can provide a better outcome.


Google Ads and the types of google ads campaigns will keep changing and updating as a result of the constant change in consumer behavior. Analyze your google ads strategy and tactics. If you think it is not up to par with your competitors, try using some of the aforementioned strategies. These were some Google Ads tips and techniques to help you increase sales.

Let us know in the comments what would you like to know about ad optimization.

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