How Small Agencies and Freelancers Can Get New Clients

Learn how to get new clients for small agencies and freelances

For any business to survive and thrive, it is critically important to get new clients. Regardless of your scale or resources, having a set of proven techniques to reach out to new prospects and convince them is important.

In the beginning, you usually start out with a few clients and gain their loyalty. This also helps you find out the gaps in your process and offerings and bridge them.

But as your agency matures, you should aim to expand your client base. And this could be challenging when you are strapped for resources and time.

We have listed down below a few ideas to help you grow your business by acquiring new clients

Build a digital presence to get new clients

  • While this is elementary, it’s important to put it down here. Building a website and having a social media presence on popular channels is important for discovery and branding.
  • Make sure the website is updated periodically and has your agency’s portfolio and client testimonials.
  • Look at social media as a way to engage your followers with witty, moment-based content in addition to the posts that bring saliency.

Call your personal network

  • On average, an individual has around 1,500 people in their network.
  • These could include family, friends, business connections, local communities, and acquaintances.
  • Based on the empirical findings, an average network could yield close to 300 potential clients. In some cases, your network might be able to point you to a prospect.
  • With a 5% conversion rate, which seems to be the case across the spectrum, you are looking at onboarding 15 customers.

Build a calling or mailing list

  • Use business aggregators like Justdial, Sulekha, or LinkedIn sales navigators to build a list of prospects.
  • You could also look at Meetup, Facebook groups, and Quora communities to hunt for potential clients.
  • If you are a freelancer, looking up prospects on LinkedIn could be the most cost-effective and rewarding method to meet new clients.
  • Depending on your comfort and the prospect’s industry you may either phone call or email them.

The power of referral marketing

  • Your existing customers are your best advocates. Because they have experienced your service and results, they are in a better position to talk about them.
  • Also, hearing positive press from a colleague or connection helps establish credibility much better than hearing the same information through an ad or the business website.
  • So, write to your existing clients and ask them to introduce you to their network.

Over-prepare your pitch

  • Whether you are pitching to a prospect or just sending out a cold email, make sure you study their business, industry, and challenges.
  • This is a way to show empathy and draw their attention.
  • In your first communication, you should be able to help them realize that you know their business well, understand their challenges and are able to position your services as a solution.
  • Talk using data, charts and user cases.
  • Keep an open mind to their questions and make sure you address their concerns directly.

Managing objections

  • Converting a prospect to a customer is not gonna be a walk in the park.
  • Businesses are usually wary of a cold approach or switching from one agency to the other. Call it inertia or the fear of the unknown, but it’s real.
  • Some of the common objections are money, the uncertainty of returns, switching from existing agencies or using competitor products.
  • Make sure you have the right data, pitch and use cases to counter these objections and make a compelling case for your agency.

Improving client acquisition isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t easy either. You need equal parts of networking, patience, hard work and acumen to take your agency from a few customers to a few hundred.

While none of these elements can be discounted or replaced, they can be made more efficient and productive with the use of advertising automation. With this, routine processes of ad setup and client servicing can be done without manual intervention, thus, freeing up your time.

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