Growth and survival of any business depend on its lead funnel and ultimately their conversion to buyers, thus increase sales of their goods and services. Once someone shows interest in a business and provides their contact details, he or she is considered a lead. Facebook lead generation ads are the proper mechanism for an advertiser or business owner to accumulate information from their potential customers and connect with them. This advert drives a target audience from an introduction to products, services and takes them through the sales funnel.

Facebook lead adverts makes the lead generation process very convenient by providing a pre-populated form with the contact information of the respondent, like their name, number, or email id, from their account details that exist with Facebook. It helps the advertisers getting accurate contact details for follow up and thereby generate a qualified lead for their business. Through a huge, engaged audience base, Facebook makes lead generation really promising for advertisers to reach their potential customers. The interest target audience can get in touch with the advertiser without ever leaving the platform.

Steps to setup a Lead Generation Campaign

1. Login to Facebook Ad Manager


2. Select your advertising account, if you do not have one, create one.


3. Add a payment source, currently only credit cards which can spend internationally are accepted.


4. Add your GST number, else campaigns may be disrupted in the near future.


5. Select lead generation as an objective.


To enable lead generation as an objective you must have a fan page , if you do not have a fan page, it will be necessary that you create one. Get more details about setting up a fan page here…

You also need to create a lead generation form. This can be a multi page journey for a user, which is dependant on your requirement. Generally a single step journey collecting the contact details is enough and more effective. Your advertisement should have all the other details required. Facebook automatically adds a thank you page at the end which contains the link to your website.

Another mandatory requirement is to have a terms and conditions page on your website. If you do not have a website, can assist you with terms and conditions page for your business. Contact us for further assistance.

Having a website or a landing page for this campaign helps as facebook encourages respondents to visit the url after the lead form is generated. If you do not have a website or a landing page url, you can choose to skip this as all the required information can assembled in a Context Card to explain offer or introduce the brand. This could be placed between the lead ad and the lead form and acts like a mini landing page. But generally a landing page delivers better results and also gets you some free website traffic.

Download your leads

As your campaign progresses, leads will get generated on your fan page, under the lead form generated by you. Can access these leads through your admin console of the fan page under publishing tools section. Select the lead form and choose to download the leads in excel or csv. It even shows you a results table with how many leads have accumulated. You can either download all the leads till date (lifetime) or sequential leads which leave out the leads last downloaded. Once you have the data, you can proceed to contact the leads in the manner of your choice.

Integrate your CRM

Get the power of CRM into your lead campaign with Facebook. CRM integration is possible with your lead forms allowing you to keep the conversation going with your leads on social media. You can achieve the full potentials of your captured leads with the CRM assisting in meaningful and time efficient methods for sales conversions.

Through your CRM or contact management software, you can even setup autoresponders for your leads, sending them an introductory or welcome message. This can dramatically impact the eventual conversions for your business.


Facebook Ads generate your business leads at very affordable rate. Your lead generation campaign can be run exclusively on Facebook through powerful targeting and simple customization. If you are planning to start one you can use our easy 3 step method to begin.

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