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Beauty and grooming is an evolving industry that is sensitive to changing consumer trends. Which
is why businesses in this sector need to stay flexible and adapt to their consumers’
expectations. Cosmetics and grooming brands need a new approach to win over the heart of
today’s digital consumer. And digital marketing campaigns are appealing well to them.

This post-covid world is seeing sales of local beauty brands grow around four times faster than
before. All this has been possible by being the digital-first brand and reaching out to
customers near their business.

Why Beauty and Grooming Industry Should Go

Some clear reasons to go digital for beauty salons and brands:

  • 92% - Customers look for a beauty centre online

  • 7.1% - Conversion rates for ads for beauty salons

  • 2x - lead generation from online referral marketing

  • 125% - increase in inquiries from video promotion

Beauty brands are leaving behind the traditional advertising space and
coming up with highly targeted online advertising campaigns. Digital advertising has proved to
be a sure fire way to keep in touch with their customers and establish a brand recall.

Digital Advertising enabling
personalised beauty solutions at scale

Technology is allowing beauty brands and small businesses to stay relevant to their customer
segment, at scale. Data has proved to be the elixir for marketers. Brands are churning this data
using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning –– to offer consumers
product recommendations and ad campaigns at an unprecedented level of personalization.

Let’s know what major brands are up to.

1. Here is a case-in-point of how beauty major L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius app
uses Augmented Reality that encourages customers to try their products virtually before
purchasing them.

2. Inspired by the digitally savvy generation, the beauty industry is even embracing the
Internet of Things. Shiseido launched an IoT skincare system that monitors mood, weather, and
other factors to come up with personalized product recommendations.

3. Take the case of skincare brand Proven which uses machine learning algorithms to create
customized products based on the information collected in its database of customer testimonials.

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Factors driving digital transformation for
beauty & grooming businesses

Let’s understand the reasons why beauty & grooming businesses are going digital:

  • High internet penetration

The high internet penetration in India is propelling the rise of online
beauty stores. The purchase decisions are influenced in the discovery phase and that’s
happening online. People research and compare products online before purchasing from a brick and
mortar store. While physical stores continue to remain relevant for grooming service providers,
stores are using both the mediums of offline and online marketing to find and engage with
customers better.

  • The rise of video marketing in the beauty industry

Here are some stats from a survey mentioned in a recent Google, WPP. & Kantar report named
Beauty Consumer:

  • -81% of consumers engage with beauty creators on YouTube and 26% make a

  • -More than 50% of beauty consumers surf social media networks

  • -40% of consumers use online search platforms

  • -56% of consumers use YouTube to compare products and services

  • Tier 1 and tier-2 cities catching up metros

  • When it comes to shopping personal care products at digital
    touchpoints, Tier-1 cities show almost the same engagement levels at 83% as Metros’ at

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Challenges for Consumers Buying
Grooming and Cosmetics Products

And for all that is happening in the beauty and grooming industry, things are to be considered
yet in a nascent stage in India. Businesses are still trying to understand the complex myriad of
digital platforms. Which is why the product offerings are not yet on point. Some key challenges
faced by consumers include:

  • Finding the right product

  • Finding it difficult to decide on a purchase due to lack of brand experience

These challenges are exactly the opportunities that beauty retailers have been looking for.

What Beauty Retailers Can Do with
Digital Advertising

  • Product Promotion
    As a local cosmetics or grooming
    products manufacturer, one can directly reach out to their target consumers and sell

  • Brand Recall
    Stores can get the word out about their
    services and the safety protocols they have undertaken. This along with
    industry-specific communication when done consistently will help improve top-of-mind

  • Location Targeting
    Beauty salons and cosmetics
    centres get most of their business from customers in their neighbourhood. That means
    targeting the right areas for their advertisement will help them get a higher ROI.

  • Planning And Scheduling
    A beauty and cosmetic care
    business can use the power of social media marketing to stay connected to their ideal
    customers 24/7. Combine it with beauty parlour advertisements to reap the maximum
    benefits from digital advertising.

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Finishing Note

Digital-first businesses are reaping benefits from digital advertising. They are the ones
capturing the modern consumers’ attention and successfully creating a change in the
consumer buying pattern. The way forward for businesses would be to adopt an omnichannel
presence that helps enhance the customer experience. Mediaqart is one such platform that brands
could use to merge their online and offline offerings, free-of-charge. One can create beauty
parlour and grooming ads in a few clicks and push them to their target customer segment on major
ad networks.

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Can beauty and grooming brands benefit from going digital? What do you think? Share us your
thoughts in the comment section below.