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Google Ads Reach Planner: A Guide to Build Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video campaigns are not always easy to plan, particularly on YouTube. But thanks to a powerful tool by Google, which simplifies the process of measuring YouTube’s reach and facilitates the planning of advertising campaigns on video services.

Google is constantly adding and improving its campaign planning tools. Reach Planner for video ads is one such tool.

Reach Planner in Google Ads

The tool allows accurate planning and optimization of YouTube video campaigns. Marketers who run video ads should use this tool to reach a wider audience.

This blog will help you get started with using Reach Planner.

Google Ads Reach Planner is an ad planning tool designed to help marketers plan their video campaigns across YouTube and video partners' sites and apps.

It is intended to improve brand planning, build a media strategy, discover new audiences, and reach the right customers on YouTube as well as across the web.

Reach Planner estimates total reach, costs, and frequency based on budget and number of audiences. Besides, it helps with the right media plan recommendations based on those estimates.

These estimates or predictions are based on Google’s Unique Reach methodology and the data is updated weekly.

You can create a custom YouTube marketing plan with this tool. It can be based on specific geographic regions, daily budgets, ad format (product mix), audience segments, and demographic segments.

For example, to achieve your goal of increasing brand awareness with short ads, Reach Planner will recommend allocating your budget properly between TrueView in Stream and Bumpers ads.

This tool enables you to determine how to allocate your ad budget so that you can maximize conversions and lead generation. It will also help you make informed decisions about your YouTube marketing strategy.

✅ Login to your Google Ads Account

✅ Click on Tools Icon

✅ Select Reach Planner under the Planning section

Reach Planner for Video Ads

Once you find Reach Planner, just click on the plus icon to get started with your media plan.

You can use this tool to its maximum potential in three easy steps.

1. Identifying Recipients

Determine who your target customers are and how you can reach them via YouTube. At this stage, you will have to select your goals, channel, and settings.

You can choose from these two forecast goals:

Awareness: The forecast suggests a product mix that will help you to enhance your expected reach.

Consideration: The forecast suggests a product mix that will help you to enhance your expected views.

Tool for YouTube Marketing

Next, you have to select your channel i.e YouTube or YouTube + TV

With the Location option, you can target a country or region. Further refine your targeting by selecting a city, state, province, or metro region.

This will make it easy for you to reach users who have shown interest in a specific location.

For example, if you own a retail grocery chain business that delivers across the city, you can use the sub-location setting to show ads to people who have searched on Google for local grocery stores.

In your selected location, you may target all the people or a specific age group (18 yrs & above) or gender using the demographics option.

Using the Audiences section, you can select different audience types to whom you want to display your ads.

Further, you have the option of selecting a date range of 1 to 92 days for your media plan.

2. Selecting Your Ad Preferences

Based on your goals, select the ad type. You have the following options.

Choose your product mix:
You can manually select your ad formats and add a budget for each.

Get help finding the right product mix:

Let Reach Planner suggest ad formats for your media plan.

You will have to select a pricing option, enter the ad budget or target rating point (TRP) you want to achieve, and then choose the creatives for your campaign.

Reach Planner Ad Preferences

3. View Your Forecast or Reach

Click on View forecast for Reach Planner to create your media plan based on the selected parameters.

Using a few clicks, you will be presented with reach curves, frequency, and other key metrics for the audience you defined.

Reach Forecast for YouTube Ads

The platform also lets you make adjustments to determine how your reach would change. If you want to gain a deeper insight then you can adjust the frequency (the number of times your audience sees the ads on a daily or weekly basis) and budget.

When you’re done making changes, click Apply and the Reach Planner will present the updated forecast.

You can save and download your media plan once you are done reviewing your forecast.


Reach Planner enables you to precisely plan your reach, frequency, and ad spend across YouTube and Google video partners.

It helps you select advertising formats and budget allocations for you, or you can create a custom media plan. You can create and compare the effectiveness of different combinations of campaign types.

Besides, its advantages include the ability to forecast detailed reach on different devices and calculate the view rate in the target group while determining the cost.

Are you using Reach Planner to its full potential?