Festive Season Ad Checklist: What it means and why you should do it

Plan your festive season marketing checklist

India is a land of festivities and the last 3 months of the year are the busiest time of the year! Be it national festivals like Eid, Diwali, Christmas, or regional ones like Navratri, Dussehra, and Durga Puja, every festival is celebrated with equal passion. Occasions like this also call for celebrations and shopping, hence many businesses push their marketing efforts to make the most out of festive advertising.

Festive or occasion-based advertising has typically been with brands focusing on discounts or freebies to trigger a purchase. Due to the Covid-19 impact, the in-store footfalls might be slightly impacted, so it’s a good idea to revise your marketing strategy and instead focus on online selling.

To restore business sales and gain momentum, we have come up with a carefully planned marketing checklist. It has proven to contribute to overall business revenue and impact the bottom line during the holiday season. Here’s a quick run-down of it:

  • Make your website festive ready in look and offerings
  • Reach your niche market through paid campaigns
  • Push sales through time-sensitive offers
  • Engage and deliver value on social media
  • Use free tools/platforms to get things done in less time

What festive marketing checklist means and why you should do it

Festival season witnesses a surge in marketing efforts. Thousands of brands attempt to spread awareness and drive sales by releasing ad campaigns that leverage the festive spirit. According to reports, nearly 40% of online deals are generated in the last three months of the year i.e. October, November, and December.

The festival season is a very critical period for most advertisers in all categories within the country. Brands will not take the risk of cutting their media budgets. Therefore, they’re expected to spend huge money to charm shoppers.

Also, given the Covid-19 situation, the purchase sentiment is low among customers now, but the festive season will help increase positive consumer sentiment among all.

Understanding the holiday marketing approach

While discounts can work in the short term, there is a possibility that they get lost in the plethora of similar discount-based communication. What can differentiate is an emotional, intangible connection that makes a brand suddenly more relevant in the crowd. So that as a customer, one is subliminally predisposed towards that brand.

In a market where there is a never-ending competition of similar products, brands are working towards creating a seamless consumer experience to drive sales. It is important to create a seamless, omnichannel experience for potential customers as it may become a differentiating factor. Digital has become a key medium to reach the consumers due to their high digital availability across channels such as Instagram, Facebook along with Google products where brands often highlight their products and services. Having said that, here is a checklist to exactly execute the aforementioned strategy.

Here is our festive marketing checklist to help you develop a sales-driven campaign:

Setting up the festive mood on your website

Tapping into the holiday and festive emotion is essential. If a visitor lands on your website, it is important to highlight or showcase all your festive offerings strategically so that it builds enthusiasm among the customers and they get the sense of the approaching holiday season.

Bring emotional context to all your website’s elements, including footers, headers, CTAs, and other elements.

Keep in mind that the average visitor doesn’t have a lot of patience, so if you offer holiday discounts, make sure they are the first things visitors see on your website.

Use festival theme for your website to set the mood

Spreading cheer through paid ad campaigns

It is important to replicate your offerings which are highlighted on your website, in your paid ad campaigns as well. While your brand may be known to a certain section of your audiences, in this competitive market, it is necessary to showcase your discounts to larger audiences and make sure they become a buyer.

Just like on your website, content promotions should be comprised of self-gifting rhetoric, information on discounts & sales, and language reflective of the various holidays and the sentiment around them.

Ad promotion platforms include Google search ads, Display ads, YouTube ads, and social media ads. The greatest advantage of online advertising is the ability to target a very specific segment of people.

Keep in mind that the average visitor doesn’t have a lot of patience, so if you offer holiday discounts, make sure they are the first things visitors see on your website.

Though the consumer might still be a little skeptical about spending, with the arrival of IPL and other festive occasions, digital advertising will be the new normal for most of the advertisers which will lend an engaging experience for customers through wit, emotions, and discounts.

Create a sense of urgency on the sale through landing pages

A sense of urgency on the sale through landing pages is a highly effective way to push hesitant prospects over the line and convert. Time-sensitive offers with the help of Countdown timers on landing pages. Others include banners promoting specific offers such as free shipping and discounts on the sale through landing pages.

Use offers, discounts or coupon codes to attract customers

Be active on social media

    Social media and websites are where your clients and audiences first find and know you:
  • Keep your online presence especially social media updated and creative.
  • A simple seasons’ greeting post can also make a lot of difference to your followers.
  • Run contests to enhance engagement and to interact with the audience directly.
  • Make testimonial videos and post them across social media channels.
  • Testimonial videos include your customer’s or partner’s experience, which also is promoted through paid advertisements.
  • Use any many videos that are possible to convey your brand message.
  • Discounts for early birds, first-time shoppers, only online orders, promo codes, etc. can help attract traffic especially when these posts are boosted.

Leverage the power of automation

Ad automation can be remarkably powerful for time-sensitive campaigns like holiday promotions by managing it simply & firmly from the beginning.

Mediaqart is a free-to-use platform that lets you set-up, execute, and manage all your paid and organic campaigns from a single place. Advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Google within a matter of minutes. Automation empowers you to schedule your posts in advance and create highly optimized ad campaigns with the help of Artificial Intelligence, which chooses the exact audiences for your business and gets optimal results.


If you do not want to be left out of the brand race and want to get ahead of your competitors, digital advertising is the perfect opportunity for your business to grow. The companies that follow a sound marketing strategy for driving holiday sales are capable of producing more deals and revenue for their business.

With the consumer sentiment being high, create awareness, and educate potential buyers about your company, story, and product offerings. Please let us know in the comments what you think of the checklist and share your strategy for this season. Wishing the best for your holiday sales!

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