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Facebook Lead Generation Examples & Tips in 2022

As we learned about setting up the lead ads, let us now find some tips to improve our lead ad performance. Along with it, we have some cool Facebook lead generation examples.

Lead Generation Ad Examples

Let us boost our creative process with some good examples of Facebook lead ads. Click on their links for more details.

A lead ad with lead form:

Many people leave the ad if they find the lead form uninteresting. So put equal emphasis on creating a good lead form with a background creative that matches the ad. Below is an example of a good lead ad and form. To learn how to create a lead form, check out our previous article.

I. Ad creative

Lead generation for businesses

II. Background image of the lead form

Lead ad expert

III. Lead form with custom questions

Real estate lead generation

Examples of lead ads:

As we learned about setting up the ads, let us now find some tips to improve our campaign performance.

  1. Swiftly follow-up with leads
    • According to a Harvard Business Review, leads that are contacted within an hour are seven times more likely to qualify than those contacted even an hour later.
    • Some options to respond quickly are through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp - which let you create an automated question and answer flow.
  2. Offer an incentive to fill out the lead form
    • Your audience won't give away their contact information unless they get something valuable in return. Some giveaway ideas are:
    • Ebooks, checklists, worksheets, email courses, templates, reports, white papers/case studies, product samples, free trials, discount codes, free consultations.
  3. Keep your lead form short and simple
    • Stick to the basic required questions. Make it easy for the audience to fill out the form.
    • If needed, create custom questions using short answers, multiple-choice and conditional questions that change as per the user's input.
  4. Aim for the right audience
    • You can use custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and local audiences through the business locator feature.
    • Increasing the relevance of your ads reduces the cost per qualified lead. Facebook algorithms take some time to understand the perfect audience for your business. But over time, you will notice that your ads start to deliver better leads at lower lead costs.
  5. Test and improve
    • Do A/B testing. Try with different ad copies, CTAs or audiences.
    • Change one variable at a time and see the result.
  6. Create compelling creatives
    • Use contrasting colours in the creatives, clearly state the benefit of filling out the lead form in your copy and creative. Learn more on making effective ad creatives.
  7. Determine Facebook lead generation campaign cost
    • If you are just starting out a lead campaign, it is advisable to first put a fraction of your total ad spend (typically 5%-10%) and for a shorter duration (e.g. a 10-day campaign).
    • Keep no cap on the bidding (preferably the Lowest cost) for 2-3 days. So Facebook doesn't have any price cap on providing you with the best leads. You get to know the average cost per lead, its quality and the number of conversions out of it.
    • Depending on the revenue you want to generate, you can now calculate how many leads you would require to convert. Accordingly, decide your lead campaign budget and scale it. Most businesses accept the ad revenue to ad spend ratio is around 5:1.

With time, Facebook's algorithm understands better your most profitable audience. With improved targeting, the lead ad performance improves as well.

How does your lead campaign work? Let us know in the comments. Cheers!