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Christmas Marketing Ideas for Businesses in 2021 (Examples)

Bells will be ringing, carols will be echoed, Christmas shopping will be in full spree and businesses will look forward to making the most of this opportunity.

Tis the season to make merry for people all over the world and also prime time for businesses to step up their marketing game and be actively seen on all social media platforms. However, it might get confusing and you may be wondering where to start from? There are so many creative ideas to play with and it might get difficult to narrow down to a couple of ideas that will surely do the trick and bring in the festive cheer for businesses.

We’ve created this post as a short guide to give your business a headstart with some ideas:

  • How to make the most of Christmas marketing ideas (web & social media)
  • What type of Christmas ad campaign works best for Facebook, Instagram and Google ads

A. Update website/Create Christmas landing page

It is a good idea to customize your business website along the festive theme to add a personal touch to your site. If you are an e-commerce company, doing countdowns, or ‘time left till sale’ always work well, designed along with some Christmas elements.
You can also announce special events or have a unique collection to showcase on your site or landing page. This will make your customers feel more delighted. Seeing all the bright colours and festive elements, they will be reminded of Christmas and might get the urge to take an action on your site.

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B. Create a holiday gift guide

Thanks to online shopping, getting Christmas gifts for loved ones is now easier than ever. But creating a ‘gift guide’ for your customers would be the cherry on top of the cake! Everyone loves it when their tasks are made easier. You know your audience and what exactly people buy around this time of year, which would make it easy to compile a list of all the holiday gifts that you can think of.
You can further segment it into “Gifts for Him” and “Gifts for Her” which will further show your customers that you care.

C. Christmas social media marketing posts

You might have many ideas already for your Christmas social media posts, but we’ve listed down a couple of ideas that you can use:

Before you start moving ahead with your plan, the first thing we recommend is updating the cover photo on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. As soon as your audiences land on your profile, they start noticing the festive elements, which is a great way to grab their attention. You can also add a cover photo using various icons for your Christmas Instagram highlights.
You can either use any stock images for this or design it yourself on Canva.

Hashtag is one of the most relevant strategies used in today’s time for your Instagram & TikTok account. Social media posts with hashtags get 12% more engagement than regular posts without hashtags.
So get the ball rolling and pick up some of the trending Christmas hashtags from our list:
#christmas #christmastree #christmasdecor #xmas #love #merrychristmas #christmastime #handmade #winter #santa #christmasgifts #christmasiscoming #christmasdecorations #christmaslights #santaclaus #holidays #snow #holiday #family #gifts #christmascountdown #giftideas #smallbusiness #smallbusinesschristmas #christmasgift #christmaseve #christmasspirit #christmasmood #christmasmagic #christmasvibes #happyholidays #holidayseason #christmasday #elfontheshelf #elfie

One of the ways to engage and incentivize your audience is through Christmas contests. Everybody loves a free goodie, and especially at this time of year! Did you know that 33% of holiday shoppers will wait until there is a sale or promotional offer before they check out your business this season?
Hence running a contest pre-Christmas week can help you garner good interest and engagement from your followers. This is also a strategy for you to ask them to tag their friends and share the love. This way you not only increase followers but also become more visible to other people. The contest can be anything simple, from writing the ‘best caption for a post’ to creating a ‘jingle for your brand’ or simply clicking an ‘Selfie with your gang outside our store’. Choose an idea that best suits your business needs and target audience.
The giveaway does not have to hurt your bank account, so you can plan simple giveaways like discount coupons, a limited edition product, personalized hampers, a flat discount, movie coupons, or even a gift card.

Doing image and text posts are good, but what is great is video marketing. Videos as we know get a 50% higher engagement rate than static posts, hence including videos in your marketing strategy is a must!
Obviously, you don’t have to go overboard with the video production, but simple videos shot on phone giving a sneak-peek into your store which is decorated with festive elements, doing a reel with your employees on a trending reel or TikTok hook-step, singing carols, and hymns together, or just having some wild fun, can work great.
Make sure the videos are about you and showcase your employees. Do not try to sell your business here. You can do all that through paid video ads or marketing.

As we know it is the season of good times and good food, so how can we keep food recipes away from the plan! Let's face it, good food sets the mood! Kick in the Christmas celebrations by sharing a traditional family recipe or a twisted/modern version of a classic Christmas delicacy with your social media family.
Also, if food recipes are a stretch for you, then you can experiment with the perfect ‘Christmas Lookbook’ for the big party. Throw in your recommendations, like sweaters, stockings, uggs, headbands, earrings, Santa cap, socks, etc. Make sure all the clothes & accessories have a hint of red & green.
Even though your business might not be connected to the food & beverage or the fashion industry, it is always a good idea to share with your followers your favourite recipe or look and even ask them about their favourites for ‘tis season. This adds a human touch to your business and help people feel connected to your brand.

The Christmas season is all about giving and spreading cheer. Even Santa comes to town and leaves beautiful gifts for all his loved ones. So if your business decides to do some gifting or donating, then make sure your social media accounts talk about that.
In today’s times, consumers are happier to collaborate or buy from brands that care, are socially responsible, and contribute to their community.
Post pictures tagging the organization and let others know that they can help the cause too by donating. These activities are not just restricted to big brands anymore, even small businesses indulge in such activities and contribute in their own small way to the lesser privileged communities.

D. Use in-browser push notifications

Push notifications if done right is quite the game-changer for brands. These gentle nudges which keep appearing on our phones are a great way to engage, enhance customer experience, and communicate with your customers that can effectively drive traffic to your site.
When it comes to Christmas marketing you can send regular push notifications for sales, discounts, countdown, and more.

We have listed a few points that you can keep in mind while designing your notifications:
> Don’t go overboard with messages, one notification a day is enough! Or else you might end up with many app uninstalls!
> Get personal with your messages, as every user is different. Track their in-app behaviour and send notifications as per it.
> Nudge them with discounts and offers on the products they were checking out or left abandoned at the cart.
> Use clear CTAs.
> And most importantly, don’t forget to use Christmas emojis 🎄🎅🏽❄️🎁🌟☃️🍗

You can use web notification companies like MoEngage, WebEngage, IBM Push Notification, CleverTap, Apple Push Notifications and many more for push notifications.
For an extensive read on the importance of push notifications, you can go through RubyGarage’s article on the same.

E. Christmas advertising paid campaign ideas

58% of all consumers’ holiday buying decisions are influenced by social media–with Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram being the top front-runners. Promoting your business through social media paid ads (sponsored posts) or Google ads always work well.
While promoting your ads on any of these platforms, make sure to outline in the post copy, headline or creative the offers very clearly and their validity.
Paid or online ads help you create a sense of urgency and also remarket to those who have earlier visited/interacted with your business or a brand similar to yours. It helps in grabbing their attention and prompts them to take action.

You can run various paid campaigns for Christmas such as Ads on Facebook & Instagram stories promoting your products and services.
Also, you can promote your products through Facebook & Instagram Feed ads or Native placements and Marketplace.
You can even use Facebook/ Instagram Shopping Ads to reach your customers effortlessly.
Whatever ad campaign type you choose, make sure the messaging is loud and clear and the creative is minimal. If you are looking for tips to optimize your Facebook ads, then you can go through this guide.

When it comes to Google ads or PPC ads we all know that everything depends on the keywords you select and bid.
The use of seasonal PPC keywords is the key here as it helps you rank higher than your competitors and will be very valuable for the fight against festive spending.

Below are some keyword examples for the retail sector:

  • Christmas decorations
  • Online Christmas shopping
  • Early Christmas shopping ideas
  • Christmas shopping online sites
  • Christmas gifts
  • Christmas gift guide
  • Christmas decorations
  • Christmas presents ideas

For travel & leisure sector:

  • Christmas getaways
  • Christmas trip ideas
  • Christmas holiday ideas
  • Christmas holiday destinations for couples
  • Christmas activities
  • Christmas holiday destinations

You can use Google Shopping Campaigns to reach your target audience very quickly and easily. You can read about how to get more sales from your Google ads here.


  • The best part about the holiday and the Christmas season is that it offers ample marketing opportunities for customer-brand interaction. A large number of shoppers have already started making online purchases, checking out the best deals, searching for gifting ideas, etc.
  • Businesses still have some ambiguity over the consumer’s current buying behavior, preferences, and patterns to make a robust business decision. But if you are missing out on the action and not doing enough to be right in front of your customers, then you might miss the bus.
  • Take the help of technology and automation and create an increased online presence. Digital automated advertising with a touch of personalization can help you get ahead and beat your competitors.