Campaign Management - Digital Agency vs Mediaqart's Automated Advertising Platform

Self-Serve Digital Advertising Platform, Powered by Automation

The world is slowly recovering from the ongoing pandemic crisis, economic slowdown, and financial constraints. The markets are opening up, hence businesses are relying heavily on digital advertising to maintain a stable online presence and maximize revenue.

Having said that, you, as a business owner, may come across two options - outsourcing your digital advertising and marketing activities or taking the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. We believe that you must explore the limitless possibilities of DIY digital advertising before setting up your business plan.

Which one is better: DIY or outsourcing your Digital Advertising services?

Discover the advantages of DIY automated digital advertising plans to find out if it’s perfect for you.

  •  Reduce Agency Cost -Agencies can be expensive. Outsourcing your digital advertising may increase your financial budget as they charge a hefty amount for creative services. Startups, small and medium scale businesses with a frozen marketing budget can reduce cost and maximize output rather than looking for cheap alternatives.

  •  Take Charge of Your Advertising - You already know your businesses’ structure better than any other agency professional. You know your business inside out and what type of audiences would best suit your digital campaigns.

  • Mediaqart platform allows you to streamline your efforts as you’ll have direct control over your business campaigns. The multi-channel advertising platform empowers you to select plans, modify campaign creatives and budget, and analyze reports that matter to your business.
  •  Faster and More Efficient Results - Unlike an agency, you can monitor your campaign and make changes to achieve the best possible results, which can be highly productive.

  •  Become A Digital Advertising Expert - Outsourcing your digital advertising leaves you with limited options. With Mediaqart’s automated advertising solutions, you can master the art of digital advertising and take control of all your digital efforts.

  •   Evolve with Data-Driven Performance Marketing - As a business, you’re competing against well-established brands that have managed to grasp a fair share of the market. SMEs and startups need to be smarter and work harder to get ahead and get noticed. Since automation takes care of day-to-day optimization and minimizes human errors, you get qualified leads for your business, increased ROI and higher conversion.

The choice is yours to make. Either go with the world and choose technology and automation for high-performance advertising or rely on old trial and error formulae to achieve your business goals.

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