Automation and Personalization in Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketers today use advanced technologies and tools in their daily operations. Due to the exponential growth of digital marketing, many marketing activities are now automated to achieve higher efficiency and add a personalized touch for their customers.

Automation is no longer considered a luxury or limited to certain IT companies, with the pandemic-induced boom in digital technology, we are witnessing a lot of companies trying out automation to help cut down on their resources and increase the efficiency and quality of their business operations.

Benefits of Automation:

  • Automation helps a business in many ways by freeing up internal resources and minimizing costs
  • Powerful algorithms help to identify the right channels to make your campaigns more customer-centric and targeted
  • AI-powered bid and budget optimization saves you time on manual adjustments
  • Actionable insights and pre-estimated results let you choose the right campaign objective and audiences
  • Automated marketing helps in analyzing the intent, interests, and future needs of consumers by processing large volumes of historical data through machine learning
  • Automation helps reduces the scope of human error
  • Giving advanced insights to businesses to make right decisions backed by data and AI

Limitations of Automation

Though automation works on advanced learning and technology powered by AI, some marketers tend to believe that automating all their marketing activities can help them achieve leads quickly.

Certain marketing channels require personalization more and due to automation, it can become very templated and might not help in connecting with customers specifically when it comes to social media management and outreach campaigns.

For email campaigns, instead of building a contextual, efficient experience based on each individual's needs, marketing automation becomes a way to force people through a funnel with arbitrary touchpoints and irrelevant content.

How Automation and Personalization Work Together

Social Media

These days most of the social media work is done through automation starting from tracking, scheduling, publishing posts, and even automated responses. However, sometimes the responses don’t go well as per the expectation as customers seek a personal feel that only could be done through personalization. Even sometimes an irrelevant response creates a negative impression of your brand. Here you can apply both strategies of automation and personalized marketing by scheduling your posts in advance but choose to respond manually to all comments and feedback. This adds a nice personal touch and does not seem very robotic.

Outreach Campaigns

Outreach campaigns such as email campaigns require personal touch rather than full automation. Sending the same email to your mass subscribers doesn't guarantee you results unless you give it a touch of personalization. Try and personalize communications for each segment, automate whatever else exists outside of relationship-building. For example, every message should be personal, but there’s no reason that logistics tasks have to be. Use an email automation platform to send targeted messages to the appropriate recipients.

Digital Advertising

While you might automate your email and social media marketing efforts, in today’s time it is equally important to automate your digital advertising efforts. Imagine from one single tool, you can run multichannel ads for any digital network you desire. This helps you to stay better organized, all your reports, insights, and ad campaigns in one place are available in a single view dashboard. Wouldn’t that make life easier for your business? You can rely less on human intervention and let the machine do the ad setting and management work for you. This makes sure you focus more on bigger development goals.

Draw a Balance Between Automation and Personalization

There are several different ways to almost automate personalization, but it’s important not to give too much over to AI in the process. Add in personal touches throughout your marketing process, such as by tasking salespeople to reach out personally after a connection request is sent. This makes a fully automated action feel much more personal to the consumer.

Marketing automation is trendy, and it’s easy to get caught up in it as a fad. Avoid going overboard and try and maintain a fine balance to win over your customers. Any business requires automation to understand what its customers want and to provide them with the perfect resolution, you need the support of personalization. You need to test and find out what works best for your business.

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