How does a Page Like Campaign work

Facebook Page Post Engagement Ads help business owners share information about their business with their audience. These page posts can be used to inspire people to take action. A Page Like campaign helps advertisers understand their audiences with better clarity and create content based on their likes, shares and comments on the advert. The campaign helps in sharing updates and stories about the business, and connecting with followers and new audiences to build the brand and customer base.

Goals for the campaign are:

Receive more likes in a cost-efficient way.

Use Facebook page like ads as an opportunity to discover new markets.

Ideally, convert followers to customers on the website.

Getting Facebook likes is not an easy job. Initially, it’s easy to create a page and get a few likes. However, to achieve the first 500 or 1000 likes is a tough challenge for lesser known companies. It requires time and patience to boost exposure and reach on Facebook.

How to Run a Successful Facebook Like Campaign

Optimize Everything for mobile

Facebook receives a major chunk of their traffic from smartphones. It’s important for an advertiser to show its Facebook Page, website, landing page and other associated pages amazingly on mobile devices.

Ensure to target the right demographic

Like campaigns aren’t successful unless you reach the right audience. It’s better to carefully target the right people who are more likely to be turned into customers.

Add an incentive plan to the Like Campaign

Special offers and promotions could be added to the campaigns as incentives for Facebook users to like the page. Sometimes, audiences don’t like the pages without a useful reason.

Use pinned posts to show the most important piece of content first

Like campaign needs to be followed up with a pinned post that leads people to the website or landing page. Audiences tend to visit pages after or before liking the page to check the existing content. Landing pages should be properly updated for viewers to see, when they come on Business Profile of the page.

A right Call-To-Action button on the Facebook Page

A proper Call to Action is required on the posts based on the business requirement. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to invite visitors to go to the website or send a message instead of asking them to call now.

Advantages of Having More Likes

Holding a maximum liked Facebook page is an excellent way to gain major brand exposure, form relationships and communicate with a targeted audience.

Raise the Visibility

Having more number of Facebook likes shows the potential of the respective business domain and it appears on maximum number of news feeds.

Build Relationships

A business page having more fans spreads its status updates to maximum audiences’ news feeds. And if the content is great, it gets liked, commented and shared by them, thus building customer loyalty.

Communicate with the Right Audience

Advertisers also have the power to send direct messages to their fans of their page by targeting them based on the right location, age, and gender for any information, whether it’s a sale or info about a new product.

A Page Like campaign helps in gaining momentum towards building brand loyalty and engagement. Businesses who have established their presence online find it easier to grow their business in a smart and effective way. If you want to run your Page Like campaign with MediaQart, connect with us.