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How to Create WhatsApp Ads on Facebook Ads Manager?

Have you ever thought of running ads or reaching your prospects through WhatsApp? Do you think it's a possibility or does it sound too outlandish!

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to use your WhatsApp Business Account to drive leads of your customers directly to your messenger through Facebook Ads Manager.

How to run WhatsApp Ad

Before we delve into the ad process, let’s first address the bigger question here, why do WhatsApp ads matter, and does it really work?

We all are aware that WhatsApp has the highest reach globally with around 2 billion users worldwide, which makes it the most popular messaging app ever! Every day, more than 100 billion messages are sent and a user spends an average time of 38 minutes chatting via the app.

So wouldn’t you want to tap into this massive potential for your business?

If you are new to Facebook Ads Manager, follow our step-by-step breakdown of how to integrate and create ads on WhatsApp:

There are different objectives to choose from while creating WhatsApp ads on the Facebook Ads Manager but before we get there, you must have your WhatsApp business account!

Step 1

Open your Facebook business page

Step 2

Click on Settings in the top bar

Click on Settings on Facebook Business page

Step 3

In the next screen which appears, you can see “WhatsApp” in the left side drop-down, click on that

Select WhatsApp on Facebook ads manager

Step 4

You can see the ‘Connect WhatsApp to Facebook page’, you need to enter your business phone number and click on ‘Send Code’.

Click on 'Connect WhatsApp to Facebook page'

Step 5

Input the code and click Confirm.

Confirm your WhatsApp account

Step 6

You've successfully connected WhatsApp to your Facebook page.

Your Facebook page is not connected to your WhatApp business account

Go to your Ads Manager screen and

Step 1

First, click on Create button, and choose the campaign objective as Message

Go to Facebook Ads Manager to create WhatsApp ad and select Message objective

Step 2

Choose WhatsApp Business in Facebook Ad set page, as the account is already connected, the name will appear

Select WhatsApp for messaging apps

Step 3

Once you have selected the account, fill out all other details of the campaign (demographic, creatives, audiences, etc.)

Fill in campaign details to run WhatsApp ads on Facebook

Step 4

Once you set the creative and copy, hit the 'Review & Publish' button, and you will be able to run your first campaign on WhatsApp!

Run your first WhatsApp ad on Facebook & Instagram

- Make sure that you add a copy that suggests that you can click on the CTA to chat!
For example:
“Any questions? Click on the message to chat with us!” This will prompt the users to take action!

Now we earlier mentioned that there are different objectives available to run ads. We’ve covered the first one,
now let’s move to the second way.

Step 1

Choose campaign objective as ‘Traffic’

Choose traffic as Facebook ad objective to run WhatsApp ads

Step 2

Choose WhatsApp in Traffic options inside Facebook Ad set

Choose WhatsApp as your messaging app

Step 3

Fill out all other details of the campaign (demographic, creatives, audience, etc.)

Step 4

After uploading creatives, click on `Review & Publish' and voila your traffic ad campaign is now live (of course, once it is approved)!

- It is recommended to turn off bid optimization and ad delivery if your ad budget isn’t too high. You can select the bid optimization strategy depending on the objective you choose:

Lowest Cost: Drives the maximum results for your ad spend
Bid Cap: Control your bids
Cost Cap: Gives you bidding control while maximizing results
Minimum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Ensures you get the ROAS

Now that you have learned how to set up your first ad on WhatsApp using the Facebook Ads Manager, let us know in the comments below, if you have tried them before or after reading this will you give it a try.

Also, if you would like to learn about different Facebook ad objectives and how to choose the right objective for your business, then you can read about it here.

If you have any doubts, or error pop-ups in your ad set-up journey, you can easily reach out to us by commenting about your issue below and we’ll try our best to solve your query.