Audience Research is Important than Keywords Research

To promote content on the internet, keywords are an important attribute. The popularity of your content does reflect the type of keywords used in it. However, those are not the most important factors for your marketing strategy. Your campaigns will not work unless you have an idea about your audience. Likewise, you can’t find the right keywords, if you don’t understand your audience. Your audience brings the most valuable traffic to your website.

Why Audience Research?

It’s important for marketers to understand their audience for SEO. They need to step into their audience's shoes before creating any strategy and look for the things they do. Through this, they could increase their search engine ranking using suitable methods. Audience research help marketers find the right keywords and explore the topics and areas of their interest. This creates an opportunity for them to understand consumer behaviour and analyse the possible queries and searches that consumers look for, and generate content that addresses their queries.

How Audience Research Helps

After placing the correct keywords on your website, reaching your intended audience becomes increasingly easy. After discovering your audience, you can find out the decisive keywords for finding them.

Audience engagement rates become higher. An audience after viewing your page will definitely engage with your content because they already trust and enjoy your brand.

Targeted and defined audience loyalty will increase as they are already in a relationship with your brand. Your social campaigns will get the desired results after receiving the proper response from your target audience.

Customer retention programs will work in a period of time. They will associate with your brand and convert to loyal customers. Their purchase rates will be significantly higher than new customers.

Your audience will help in remarketing your brand or message. A loyal audience will share your content, comment on your posts, and spread your brand’s message. This brand awareness will help increase customer base. Traffic from this source is always better than SEO traffic.

Building a loyal audience will be less expensive than acquiring a new audience through SEO.

Your bounce rate will decrease, resulting in an improvement in your ranking. The visitors will get exactly what they are looking for and become associated with your business.

Social media campaigns become more effective. Targeting your ideal customer becomes easier due to the availability of data on the internet. With the insights of a person’s interests, likes, dislikes and careers, retargeting becomes easier.


Only keywords research won’t get you the proper return on investment, neither build an audience base. Building a loyal audience and retaining them should be the objective to get your desired result and it is way better than only stuffing keywords on your website. This is only be possible if you’re investing time on your target audience. If you are seeking to know the proper way to build your audience base and start your campaign, MediaQart can help you to achieve it with ease.