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An Effective Guide to Facebook Store Traffic Ads in 2022

Brands that operate through multiple stores/franchisees can benefit from localized advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Customers who are in proximity to the stores can discover them. For this purpose, Facebook offers a Store Traffic objective that lets brands reach people within a specific distance from their outlets. This helps in driving store footfalls and online-to-offline commerce. Let us learn more about it.

Facebook Store Traffic Campaign

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The Store Traffic advertising objective lets you drive customers to your brick-and-mortar stores.

Select this objective if you have:

  • Multiple stores
  • Added your store locations to Facebook

Campaigns with Store Traffic objective enables you to:

  • Set local information for each of your stores
  • Display store locator map within the ad to encourage store visits
  • Reach people within a set radius around a store

So if your brand has 7 stores in different areas of a city, you can populate localized information in your ad. The ads can also include the store address, contact number and a map. You can optimize the campaign for Store Sales and attribute offline/store sales to the campaign. To run ads with a Store Traffic objective, set up your business as a local Facebook Page. This will serve as your Main Page.

And, your store Pages will then be connected to this main Facebook Page.

We will learn more about it in the later section.

Benefits of Creating Individual Facebook Page for Each Store/Branch

There are some great benefits of publishing a Facebook Page for each of your business outlets, such as:

  • Improve discovery of your store pages by appearing on search engines.
  • Your Main Page will have a map helping customers find a store near them. Further, customers can see all the stores listed under the Locations tab.
  • Each store Page can collect customer reviews.
  • Get insight for Individual store Pages and aggregate insights on the Main Page.
  • You can choose to share your Main Page posts to store Pages.
  • You can run campaigns based on the Store Traffic objective.

To run Store Traffic ads, you need your business to be registered as a local Facebook Page. Since ads can only be run through a Facebook page, your stores need to be attached to your main Facebook page.

So, let us first add stores to your main Facebook Page.

Store Pages Structure on Facebook

Here are the steps to add stores on Facebook Business Manager:
1. Login to your business manager and go to Store Locations.
2. Click Add Stores.

Facebook Local Ads

3. Choose how you want to add your stores.

Facebook Ads for Local Business
  • For adding manually, fill in the details about your store such as its address, longitude and latitude, phone number, business type, opening hours, etc.
  • By default, the store name/page name would be the same as your Main Page to show it is part of the same business.
  • Once you add multiple stores, it will look something like this.
Shop Locations in Facebook Business Manager

4. You need to put the added stores inside Store sets.

  • So, create a Store set and select the stores you want to add to it.
  • Set the area you want to target around your stores.

Creating Store Set in Facebook Local Ads

That’s it. We have added our stores. Each store will have its individual Page. This Page will be connected to your Main Page. Now, let us set up ads.

Campaign Level Set up:

1. In Ads Manager, create a campaign.
2. Select your campaign objective as Store Traffic.

Steps for Facebook Store Traffic Campaign

Ad Set Level Set up:

3. Select the business Page you want to run ads for.
4. From the list of your stores, select the one that you want to promote.

Hyperlocal Ads on Facebook

5. Set the ad budget

Centralized Advertising for Facebook & Google

6. Finish your ad targeting set up by selecting the age range and audience. Few things to consider while creating the audience:

  • It is better to have a slightly broader targeting when the reach is low.
  • Try to limit your audience to your detailed targeting area when you advertise for local businesses.
  • When it comes to local audiences, the Lookalike audience can be kept to the maximum.

Local Ads Audience Targeting

7. Set the placements. Generally, mobile placements are more effective than desktop placements.

Facebook Local Ads in 2022

Ad Set Level Set up:

8. Now in the ad level, select your Facebook page and Instagram account.

  • You can customize whether you want your ad to be seen on your Main Page or Local Page.

Contextual Ads for Facebook

9. Then set up the ad format - a single image, carousel or video.

  • Add content and media.
  • Selecting Open in Map as the Destination will open a map with the store direction in your browser. This is because you have already populated the address of your stores.

Get Directions Ads on Facebook
  • Here is the preview of your ad. You will also notice that the ad is dynamically populated with the store’s locations.
Store Visit Ads for Local Business

10. Finally, go to the ad manager and activate the ad.

How to Attribute In-Store Sales to Store Traffic Ads

Well, there isn’t an accurate way to map the sale that happens in your store attributed to your Store Traffic ads. That is because Facebook can't measure all store visits. However, you can use the good old method of using offer codes to make an educated guess about attribution. So, in your offer ad, you can simply add a statement in the copy. It can say that customers can mention the offer code at the shop and claim the offer. This way, you get to know who has come after seeing the ad to your store.


Store Traffic ads let you show tailored ads to people nearby your store. Using localized information, you can deliver what your customers want. Since the market is saturated with retail stores, it is up to online ads to prime your audience for purchase and make them walk into your store. Contextual targeting coupled with localized advertising makes Store Traffic ads a powerful Facebook ad objective.

Clients using Mediaqart Sync have spent millions on Store Traffic campaigns on Facebook and Google Ad Network and got up to 10x ROAS. Learn more about how your brand can get more out of your Store Traffic ads over a free strategy call.