7 Tips to Write Effective Facebook Ad Copies That Convert

Facebook is a huge advertising platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. According to Statista, India has a massive 269 million Facebook users. These users get exposed to plenty of ads in the course of their daily lives. For advertisers on Facebook, the biggest challenge is to attract the precious moments of audience’s attention. People are spending a lot of money competing for your attention. And a big factor in making your Ad successful is your ‘ Ad Copy ‘.

Your ad message needs to break through the clutter of advertisements. A proper Ad copy highlights the key components of a product or service in a way the target audience can relate to it. So, where do we start? The first thing you need to set right is the matter inside the creative and headline section. These are the two things that the audience notices first. If that’s appealing to them, they will take notice of the rest of the advertising content. So, in this blog, we will show some of the proven techniques to write effective and powerful online advertising content.

Writing great Facebook Ad copies that convert:

1. Use buyer persona to develop ideas for advertising content

Your buyer persona is defined as the model of your ideal customer for your product or service. For instance, a fashion designer can have their ideal customers in people who wear exclusive designer clothing. Then its advertising content should inform the audience about the exclusive work done on their clothing collection. Ads that address the needs of the target audience get higher-clicks compared to those who don’t.

2. Create Ad copy complementing the visuals

Your ad copy must always relate to your image. The audience must quickly and easily be able to understand the message you want to convey. Overall, the advertising content along with the image should complete the whole story of your ad. Below is one of the examples of an appealing and easy- to-understand Ad.

The strength of the Ad copy

3. Less is more

The strength of the Ad copy should lie in its words and not the number of words. Having too much copy can put the reader off. Keep a minimal yet interesting copy to engage the audience. How your product brings value to the customer should be conveyed in your message. If you run a lead Ad campaign, a value proposition could be offering a free e-book in exchange for an email address.

A good copywriting strategy

4. Lead with numbers

A good copywriting strategy is to lead with numbers. For example, businesses who have an ongoing sale can state the percentage of discount being offered in their Ad. Numbers bring transparency and help customers to assess the product in terms of numbers.

5. Get a different perspective

You can always ask a person outside your marketing team to check the effectiveness of your Ad content. Opinions outside your perspective can give a new lease of life to your writing.

6. Write advertising content according to your marketing funnel

The advertising content will be different for Ads targeting customers at different stages of the marketing funnel. For example, if your Ad’s objective is to create brand awareness among the potential customers who are the top of the funnel, there’s no point writing ad headline to push for sales.

See the below example.
A good copywriting strategy

The above Ad copy is a good example of a top of the funnel Ad campaign. Instead of selling the product, the advertising content informs the customers about how they can simplify their work process using the product.

7. Create urgency

A great way to arouse interest in your ad is by creating a sense of urgency. For instance, one can push their ad by offering a limited period discount on a highly- valued product. Humans are curious by nature and such ads will lure them to take advantage of the offer.

Summing it up

On Facebook and Instagram, space is limited and competition is huge. Advertisers have a short time to grab the audience’s attention. To do that, you can use the above techniques in your creative ways. Again, the best way to understand what type of content works and what does not is by running Ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram and experimenting with different ad copies and creatives. You could also mix up the above techniques to see what is best for you. To make things easier for all, Mediaqart has a bank of professionally written Ad headlines as per business/products/services. You can choose one, edit it according to your need, and launch your Ad campaign.

Let us know how your Ad performs and any previous online advertising experience to build up this conversation!